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Medium Poorly-and The Crew Pic

December 24, 2011

So- upon arrival at the Theatre today, we were greeted by a message from Rachael on the tannoy. I thought I heard right, but I had to check. Only in Pantoland would you hear the speech “ and I will be playing the back of the Elephant” from a company manager. Nowhere else in this wide, wide world!

Poor Aarom had succumbed to the lurgie, and was at home shivering and.. well, let’s not go in to that.. feeling poorly for, as it turned out, both shows. The good news being that Hannah is back, and this nasty virus is, as happened to me, confined to 24 hours tops. Already I’ve noticed hand sanitiser gels have appeared in all the toilets and on the props tables, so this novo virus or whatever it is, will hopefully be halted sooner than later. Backstage is very similar to being opn a ship, or in a school or hospital, where these things spread quite rapidly.

For now, Stephen had an easy show- with Aaron down, he could hardly  throw himself about the stage solo, so he gets to watch a good few dance routines and play a guard, a harem guard – aided by Michael who has doubled up to play harem guard and Chinese dragon, and even filled in for one of Twankey’s Copacabana boys along with Emperor Tim for my number in the second half. Thank you boys, it stopped me feeling lonely out there without my maraca wielding boys tonight!

Rachael duly played rear end of Nelly The Elephant tonight, and performed dead on cue. Or Pooh actually, if you want to be pedantic. Rachael will never forget this night. But then Elephants never forget so it kind of works out even…

Here’s a chance to Meet The Crew- these are the legions of guys and girls who make the show happen- it takes this many people to put the magic into Pantomime- without them this place would be a box with seats. Thanks to one and all!

Both houses were delightful and very good- they worked as hard as we did! John and I remarked several times on their generosity in laughs and applause- a good crowd.


My “man” tonight – the audience victim I pick on- was acutally from the small village/town of  Llanfairpwlchgwyngechgogerychllownbrobwlchllantissiiliogogogogoch!- Yes that one (appologies for the bad spelling as you’ll all notice!). He thought he’d got Widow Twankey when he proudly announced his address- but Widow Twankey repeated it flawlessly. Don’t mess with the South Wale-ian Sir!

Enjoyed both shows. As pure novelty I took the “slap” off, and went to my flat between shows- a first this season. It made a change to be at home for two hours sorting out a Christmas Tree and stuff, before returning to the theatre to briefly re-adjust a bit of the 3D sequence.


This has altered my quick change from 33 seconds to 25 seconds. Pahh! With both Ellie and Fran on the job I still had ten seconds to spare second show.A fie upon your re adjustments Mr Genie Of The 3D Lamp!

Right- tomorrow is busy. Two shows, an early start- Tim is out shopping not as Emperor of All China but as a thespian in search of stuffing if you’ll pardon the expression. He is braving M&S in Llandudno for Stuffing and something else- a vegetable I think? Dan and Marc are probably already basting the Turkey- “Ohhh you know boys and girls, I plucked it, I stuffed it, I shoved it in the oven. Ohhh I could have killed it….” Ready for our festive Christmas Day Lunch at the Malcahey residence, joined by Mr Ryan on leave from his Bradford Panto.

I have to get my “Secret Santa” present and some Christmas Day Tea items such as local Bara Brith, and Mince Pies and some tasty Snowdon Welsh Cheeses- Have I told you how much I LOVE this town? It is glorious- every day I find more local shops selling local produce, local restaurants- not chains, and Hugely helpful people. Even though the guys at 3 have failed to get their dongle to work in my ageing laptop, they have tried for over three hours with no complaints. People TALK to you in shops. They stop and say “Good Morning” on the Prom. People are actually friendly, interested and jolly nice here. No wonder it is a premier resort/ If it is this nice in the Winter- Wow, the Summer must be amazing.

A great night at The Albert pub after the show, a plate of Sandwiches, a few glasses of wine and the pub’s two beautiful dogs to fuss over- Lisa and I walked along the deserted prom, the waves breaking over the beach- yes, this is the place to do panto all right!




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