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Christmas In Pantoland!

December 26, 2011

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Day? Spare a thought for the Panto folk travelling back this morning- Boxing Day Morning to get to their Theatres bright and early. Spare a thought for the London Panto people facing a day of Tube strikes- Wimbledon especially, as well as those on the outskirts such as Ilford, Broxbourne, Rickmansworth and Bromley.

Christmas Eve was a day of two great shows- the audience were as up for it as we were, and John and I passed each other in the corridors beaming- we’re having fun and the audience is having fun- nothing better!

We had a full house too! Aaron now recovered, as has Hannah, everyone was back on form. Jason is suffering an injury to his back, caused by his mike pack. In The Harem Scene he throws himself to the floor each show, but on one occasion he fell on to the microphone battery pack strapped to his waist, and that has caused some damage. On stage you would have NO idea- this man has danced his way through countless West End Musicals with ice packs and painkillers, and the same here. The only help with being a Baddy is that you can grimace in character. Wish you better Jason.

After the second show the theatre emptied in minutes- everyone travelling to spend Christmas Day with family and friends fled the building. Being an early show the place was deserted by 7.45pm. Those of us staying here have made our own arrangement. When you think we only met as a company of strangers a month ago, such is the magic of theatre, we are now all New Friends- a second family for the Holidays.

Christmas Day was spent at Marc’s flat- a fantastic meal cooked by Dan and by Marc- a gargantuan Turkey of Dickensian proportions, and a fridge packed with champers. Joined by Andrew (Ryan) who had driven over after two packed shows of “Robin Hood” at The Alhambra Bradford, and by Rachael (popping back to Sydney was never really going to be an option) and Tim, we had a truly wonderful day eating, drinking and watching a DVD of “Elf”.




A magical moment was Tim being able to spend time with his wife and his children through the miracle that is Skype. They showed Dad their presents and Megan the dog made an appearance live on screen. It truly is an amazing thing and although it will never make up for not actually being there, it certainly helps.

The morning began with a scenic drive over The Great Orme to look back at Llandudno in the sunshine. It ended walking along the prom when an elderly couple approached me. “Are you local?” they said. I relied I wasn’t. “Oh we wanted to know how to find “Aladdin”. “pardon?”

“Aladdin, the pantomime. We’re going tomorrow and wanted to know where the theatre is in advance. Is it far?”

I was delighted to point out Venue Cymru along the promenade. I wonder what they would have thought about Widow Twankey pointing the way to Pantoland?

Well, heading in to the theatre now for Two Boxing Day Shows at 1pm and 5pm.Its-behind-you regular Daniel Dawson and Ant will be watching the second show, and I look forward to his blog of the many pantomimes he will have seen by the end of the month. Over twelve I think?


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  1. Ben Miller permalink

    Could you put a link please to the blog of the person you’ve just talked about in this article? I can’t remember his name :S xxx

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