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Boxing Day & Secret Santa

December 28, 2011

Everyone returned safe and sound after spending Christmas as far afield as Bournemouth and London. We had two early shows today, and a busy hour in between them- today is the Babes Party between shows and our “Secret Santa”, which Michael organised- a five pound-ish limit held on stage.

The babes party was held in their dressing room below the stage, and involved their own “Secret Santa” ceremony, hosted by Marc.



We had a fun time then a quick dash upstairs to have our own Santa ceremony which was a nice jolly tradition in pantomimes all over the country.


Both shows packed today, and a very appreciative audience. There are a great many holiday-makers here too, as I evidenced on the prom, with more people strolling along than I have seen in the entire time I’ve been here.

Had a delightful visit from IBY Regular Daniel Dawson and Anthony- time for a chat about all the many pantomimes they have seen to date- Newcastle( I think he has seen it three times?) a great favourite, and “Robin Hood” in Bradford, and to date we are his favourite “Aladdin”- he will be seeing Northampton, Bristol, Bromley, Wimbledon, Southend, Dartford then Birmingham as well as Stoke’s Adult Panto with Jonathan Wilkes, and a few other pantomimes. How amazing is that. He will submit his blog, and is quite definitely the IBY roving reporter! Lovely to see you both Guys!

Tuesday 27th December

Oh dear- just when everyone was on and the health scares seem to have died down- that fickle finger decided to point at Michael. As Chief Of Chinese Police Michael has to maintain law and order and partake in the odd chase- this one, involving his juvenile police force ended in a slip, and a painful sprained ankle. It swelled up quite rapidly and Rachael escorted him to the local A&E to get it checked out. He returned hobbling about half way through the same show, with a swollen ankle and many ice packs. He fully intends to be back on by Thursday, and even if he uses a stout cane for support I think he will indeed be on patrol by then.

Aaron stepped in second show as Police Chief- we coped first show as it occurred during the first main scene. I had to enter a few seconds after Michael went crawling off into the wings in obvious pain (me dressed as a laundry table, as you do) as Aladdin is about to be executed. The mouth was saying the funnies, but my eyes were watching him crawl to assistance- a really surreal experience. Face and mouth performing comedy, eyes and brain looking at fellow artiste in pain. It is what we do- we simply carry on panto-ing.

So, by now Aaron has been a guard today, a dragon, the chief of police, a harem attendant, chief of police, a dancer and chief of police. Michael limped to the back of the auditorium and had the surreal experience of watching a show he is in!

A few of us returned to the Can-Y-Bae Hotel , re-opened- Michael and Dave there have seen the show four times- we must be doing something right! Had a few drinks, a Pizza and just chilled in their theatrical Bar. Tomorrow evening is Bowling night.The pace is hotting up- only a very few days left to enjoy this great panto experience!

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