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Wednesday 28th December

December 29, 2011

Very blustery day with near Gale Force winds ripping through the town. Forced to abandon my Prom walk to work as it was near impossible to stay upright!

Back in pantoland Aaron is on all day today as Chief of Police, with Michael taking Doctor’s orders are resting up in his digs. It looks quite likely that he will be back on tomorrow with or without walking stick!

Doing our warm-up this lunchtime on stage I noticed that Daz was looking after the huge 3D projectors that live at the back of the stage. His control area is partitioned off, and looks like it should be used to fly something, like a harrier jet- all the 3D is controlled from a laptop, and expensive equipment it is. He told me that the projectors and all the paraphanalia that goes into them could almost reach half a million pounds! Each projector in excess of £150,000 (there are two in operation but four in total) and even the lenses cost around £3,000, with the bulbs a mere £2,500 giving one thousand hours of life! Astonishing.

I’ve no real idea how it all works, other than the voice of the Genie is Derek Griffiths, veteran pantomime star and frequent Abanazar , and that apparently the two colours red and green are slightly offset so that when you wear the “special” glasses it merges into 3D. No wonder it causes such a stir with the audiences. They absolutely LOVE it!


The Babes are now alternating as usual, but now, having had a party for each team (red and Blue) they are now, like all of us approaching the final few days. Time is flying by. Bit by bit we are starting a subtle packing here and there too. I am all geared up for my “get-out” on Saturday second show, with help I should have it all packed by the finale.

Great to see Qdos production chief Mark Sherwood in today. Mark is doing his rounds of the pantomimes. During the year he co-ordinates and prepares the vast technical teams that make the pantomimes run smoothly- the hidden army (to the audience) of technicians who create the look and the sound and the effects of pantomime.

Both shows packed. My only disturbance being that the man I pick in the audience vanished! I think he moved seats or maybe headed for the bar, but he wasn’t there for the second half- my brain quickly re-adjusting gags that were aimed at him and now no longer relevant. Actually dried stone dead in my scene with John and Marc as the brain was on that reworking rather than what I was actually saying! Sorted it out by the end and Twankey married the Emperor for once!

Evening across the road in the Bowling Alley. Four teams of cast and crew, and a very jolly night. Overall highest score to Aidi from crew with a score twice that of most of the rest of us. I think he may have gone bowling before once or twice!


Two tomorrow, hopefully back to a full house of characters in Peking!

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