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Babes In The Pit

December 31, 2011

Friday 30th December 2011

Well, just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the water… Opening number second show a sudden moment of  confusion and one of our “babes”-Niamh, vanished over the edge of the orchestra pit. A moment of heart stopping shock for all concerned, but plucky girl she clung on and was caught by the Bass Player, Steve. Great catch Steve! In fact from now on he may well take on the title of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s “The Child Catcher!” but in a heroic way.

We had no idea how little Niamh had fared, but very quicky- you can imagine how quickly everyone moved, it was confirmed that she was shaken, but fine. In fact she went on the next number, joining her seven team mates, and then in need of a treat, got a slushie and the chance to watch Act Two from the very self same pit, seated next to Hero Steve.

I was given the task of telling the audience that all was well- the show of course had carried on, and just incase the audience were apprehensive, I entered to save my son from a beheading, and announced all was well in Pantoland, before returning to the problem of my errant son, taking frequent peeps at the Princess,ok peeps?

In between shows delighted to get a visit from Lee Redwood. Lee was on his panto tour, seeing Colwyn Bay this afternoon, Bradford Tomorrow and us tonight- he too has loved Birmingham Hippo Panto with Brian (Conley) and made me very excited at the prospect of seeing it on Tuesday, after I’ve seen Bradford’s “Robin Hood”.

Lee has been coming to see me in panto since he was a wee thing, in Southampton at first I think, and Peter and I used to look forward to his visits with news of the different pantomimes he at first had seen, and then the ones he had presented-  he did one in his home town of Bournemouth at the Pier Theatre and several others in the locale. Now he is presenting the entertainment in a Leisure Complex there, and has just finished producing, writing and performing Dame in their “Jack And The Beanstalk”- he works indefatigueably (whew big word for 1am) for panto and I’m kind of proud I might have had a bit of influence in those pantomimes he saw as a kid. Here’s to a great panto next year Lee.

Lee had recently hired a set of UV Puppets from local act Safire- and by co-incidence I met up with Safire- AKA Stuart Loughland and his wife Jane at the Venue Cymru party tonight in honour of both Llandudno panto and Colwyn Bay’s “Jack & The Beanstalk” at Theatr Colwyn. This venue runs both pantos, with Stuart & Jane presenting the Colwyn one- Jane appearing as Fairy and Stuart in his first Dame Role as Dame Trott! Lovely to meet up with them both at the “Do”


Safire-Colwyn Bay Panto

We had a lovely evening- again, great hospitality shown by Sarah the manager and her superb staff- lovely hot buffet and a disco for the young kids from the Pearl Shaw schools, appearing in both venues, and the bigger girls and boys too!

     Marc & Colwyn Bay’s Pearl Shaw Dancers

It was a great chance to mingle and chat- John made an excellent speech outlining how much fun we have had, and what a close knit team we’ve all been, with a super crew who have made this panto such a very special one.


A few drinks, more food and Tim and I left around midnight to stroll down the prom, and I’m now sitting here in the very lovely four star hotel- my end of term treat for two days thinking about how hugely lucky I’ve been to have been a part of this company and this show.


Tomorrow two last shows. I will be genuinely sorry to finish- I could quite easily do another two or three weeks without feeling tired, and both Tim and Marc were saying the same at our table. One show at 1pm the next at 5pm, and then like magic everyone will have vanished from the building in the space of time it takes me to get my make-up off- like Christmas Eve the dressing rooms will be deserted.

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  1. sue williams permalink

    Have loved your blog all the very best for 2012.

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