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The New Pictures: The Update!

January 11, 2012

With thanks to Sarah Ecob at Venue Cymru and especially to Gary Smith for taking these photographs, we are delighted to be able to share “Aladdin- Act Two” At long Last!


Twankey’s Laundry rocked to “Twankey Boogie Woogie”, followed by my strip- Elly and Helen hidden behind the screen with Lisa and Fran standing by in the wing! Sixty Seconds to take off twelve layers of clothing, ten minutes to get into it all during the interval, four people plus three musicians to help remove it in sixty seconds!

Aladdin enters astride Nelly The Elephant- much mirth and merriment following a messy departure!


Aladdin, now Prince Aladdin arranges a Royal Wedding and we all get to change costume once again. Now Rich Twankey and her boys bring a little Tropicana into downtown Peking!


The versatile Aaron by now was playing Chief Of Police (Michael having left in the care of the A&E ward) AND several other roles- His Police Chief wielded both a mighty truncheon and some sixzzling Maraccas!

A Royal Wedding Procession- Tim as Emperor declaring “Love Changes Everything”.


Jason’s Abanazar took to the Musicality stage along with Rebecca in “The Lamp Is Mine” and performed a neat Adagio with Head Girl Rosy when required!

Despite singing about it the lamp Wasn’t his- and Aladdin aided by John as Kung-Foo Fighter Wishee reclaimed the lamp and the Princess. The Emperor asked Twankey to marry him and got a big surprise!

All that remained was a 3D farewell to the Genie and a songsheet hosted by John before the Grand Finale. A blur of Gold and Black with a flash of red, and the pantomime was over!



Thanks Llandudno- We loved every minute!

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