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Spot the Celeb!

April 15, 2012

I recently came across this photograph from a few years back. Taken for the Cadbury Launch of the E&B/AMG Pantomimes at the Victoria Palace London.

You can spot Peter Robbins and myself, both obscured at the back but those big wigs give us away. Who else can you spot? I’ve got up to 21 panto stars, but I’m still missing a few- and I was there!

I remember we did a show as well, on the stage- Peter and I had been given the lyrics to “I’ve been everywhere man” By Keith Simmons to do as part of our “Sisters” routine. It was a nightmare. It included every venue that the newly amalgamated E&B/AMG had that season listed in non alphabetical order. The concentration was so intense I remember nothing until after we got off stage! Apparently we remembered every venue- a miracle. I remember Frank Bruno was there backstage as well and made us all laugh a great deal.

So- get spotting!

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