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The Adventure Begins!

November 20, 2012

Well, the year has flown by, and once again it’s Panto time!

Rehearsals for “Jack & The Beanstalk” begin on Monday (26th November) and after a week in London we move to Wolverhampton where the show will rehearse on stage, tech and dress runs taking us up to opening night on Saturday 8th December.

I’ll be starting my annual Dame’s Diary blog here as from Next week onwards, and hope to keep everyone up to date on the rehearsals, performances and backstage life at the Grand in Wolverhampton.

Although I’ll miss seeing most pantomimes this year, fear not! Once again the intrepid Daniel Dawson will be undertaking his epic journey around the UK and will be blogging his panto experiences for us here at IBY!

A Whole year since the last Diary began- since then I’ve finished “Aladdin” in North Wales, having made a lot of dear friends and fallen in love with the town of Llandudno, I’ve done press calls in Wolverhampton, hosted a panto Quiz Night banquet and a panto horse race at the racetrack, and bonded with my new friend Tallulah The Tapir from Dudley Zoo. While we were in Dudley with the Roadshow a couple of weeks back I took the opportunity to introduce Tallulah to Andrew Ryan and Nathan Daniel- and let Tallulah see me out of Dame Trott disguise!



What a year- I’ve costumes the Kenneth More Theatre Cinderella during the summer and produced a lot of new costumes. Simon has produced a beautiful baby girl- Millie! Not on his own I hasten to add, but with his lovely wife Chloe- they are settling into nurseryland a very contented threesome! I’ve been an app- on a poster for the Zoo, that was a first- and I’m skyping live to schools tomorrow (Wednesday) from Skype HQ in the guise of Dame Trott to answer questions on life in Pantoland to schools around the UK.


Talking of schools- Andrew, Nathan and I finished the Roadshow after sixty performances and nearly 18,000 children entertained and educated in all things Panto! Nathan is now rehearsing Aladdin in Newcastle, and Andrew is directing “Snow White” at Mansfield before rehearsing for his Hippodrome Birmingham “Robinson Crusoe”.



Me- I’ve packed the costumes, loaded the wigs and they will head up to Scarborough on Monday, ready for loading with the scenery and Qdos costumes a week later.

Let the magic begin, and please join me on the journey!

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    break a leg Nigel x

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