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Dame’s Diary Thursday 20th December

December 20, 2012

Still packed to the rafters in this beautiful auditorium. It’s a great “house” to play, as the shape of the circles- Dress and Grand make for an intimate feel. Some theatres, especially modern ones with stadium seating feel distant. This place, like Swansea Grand- a very similar auditorium, feels like the audience is up close and personal!

Today’s events- Wednesday that is- The Official Opening of the Gents Lavatory by Miss Hewson. A good few years back Peter Robbins and I decorated the Lavatory at Darlington Civic. This time I’ve tried to bring a festive but understated look to the gents first floor loo. It is already decorated in what I think you call Teal, so getting matching decals for windows and doors from the designer shop “Poundland” wasn’t easy! We now have minature lit up trees on each cistern, battery operated candles, tinsel (naturally) and an array of fragrant products to suit the modern man. We were deeply honoured that Miss Hewson came the vast distance up the stairs to cut the ribbon. An event witnessed by Mr Morley, Miss Candlish, Neil and myself!

Dec19th 002   Dec19th 005  Dec19th 006

The Telegraph featured the “Twelve Dames Of Christmas” article, showcasing Sally Mais photographs of Dames backstage in various theatres. I noticed a new one has been added of Chris Hayward in Newcastle, and some new ones I’ve not seen of Graham Hoadley in Twankey Costume. The link to the newspaper online is:

 Between Shows Paul, who carries the huge weight of Giant Blunderbore on his shoulders, offered to show a few of us a keep fit regime. Dame Trott is, of course, as slim as a pin, but there is the odd frock that can feel a tad tight sometimes- so I’m hoping Paul’s coaching will sort that out. Joined by Fiona and Niki, we did what I think is called “Circuits” followed by scrunchies or something like that- whatever it was it involved lying onstage in ungainly positions while the usherettes looked on bemused from the stalls! Niki is already a fitness follower- I can honestly say I have never seen high speed skipping like that- she does about eight minutes non stop a day. Paul, ex acroloon and trainer must have wondered what he’s started- Fiona and I being novices at the scrunchies. The rake on the stage didn’t help either- it makes a sit up a marathon event.

Dec19th 009  Dec19th 012  Dec19th 015

During the interval of the second show we got a double helping of Sherrie Trifle. Sherrie was on the television in her “Come Dine With Me” from a few years ago, doing untold damage to an oven ready turkey in a kitchen that looked like the Cairoli family were using it for a slosh routine. It is a very funny episode, involving Hannah Waterman and David Guest! So there she was in Panto costume watching herself in the break. Funny old world, isn’t it?

We extended our after show club of two at the hotel to eight- joined by Si and Bek, Neil, Paul, Nicola and Ken. Had a very jolly evening with a glass of wine. Two shows tomorrow and then the additional day off on Friday! More Christmas Shopping in the Bullring!

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