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A Dame’s Diary: Thursday 10th January

January 11, 2013

An odd day in our twice daily schedule. One show at 11am (in make up at 10.25am) and the second show at 7.15pm! I quite like this arrangement. My years of Panto Roadshows starting at 10am has accustomed me to performing to school children from 10am onwards. This was no exception! The theatre was packed to the rafters with school parties. Three schools I recognised from our recent Panto Roadshow- and also there was a large group of visually impaired folk.

To assist enjoyment of the pantomime Janine has organised a “Touchy Feely” session before each show, so that those with visual difficulties can come up on stage before each performance and experience the feel of the props, the fabrics on the costumes- feathers, sequins and the like, as well as having things like the Giant’s Boots provided so that the scale of Blunderbore can be calculated. It was a lovely session this morning (repeated in the afternoon) chatting to them, and indeed getting to say hello to the several beautiful guide dogs who were on the stage before the 11am show.

photo(10)   photo(11) photo(71)

Si was wearing my Copacabana costume in the morning, and Bob stood in this evening- with Angela wearing Sherrie’s Lady Joyce Temple Savage Purple Sequin costume to help the groups discover fabrics by feel.


Angela had her birthday yesterday! Here’s a photo of the birthday girl!

While I was at Dudley Zoo for the Press Call, I made an “app” which I’ve just seen in a video format. The actual app comes to life rather more effectively when you wave your iphone in front of the Dudly Zoo Banner- this will, I hope give you an idea of what it is life, minus the sort of “jumps out at you” appeal of the actual app!. Two takes in the Tarantula House! You can’t say fairer than that! Enjoy!

Evening show was very jolly, again with a group having the show “Audio Described”, and a very “up for it” audience. At Last it is cold outside, with a slight hint of snow to follow! Hoorah! At last the stage is a nice temperature!

A Cool Cow!

A Cool Cow!

We had Qdos Royalty in to see the show- a second visit from Qdos Head Nick Thomas, Sandra his wife, Peter Cutchie the Head of this lovely Theatre, and from our producer Jonathan Kiley. Afterwards we were invited out to a very lovely meal and had a great evening out. They were all very complimentary about the show, and it was so nice to meet up with everyone from the Qdos family again.

Tomorrow shows are back to normal. Keith with I imagine Orville and Cuddles are at Dudley Zoo, where one of the three of them is opening their brand new office suite. I’m hoping to be there on Monday for a last look around our sponsors grounds and the historic Dudley Castle.

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  1. Ben permalink

    Can’t wait to see the show next weekend! After digging around my house managed to find a programme for Cinderella at the Sheffield Lyceum Theatre back in 1993 with you and Peter playing the uglies. How time flies!

  2. scottifer permalink

    Alway’s great to read your blog Nigel, really interesting!! Hope you’ve managed to see front of house now! Louise is back in office. Me and Fran will be in again to watch the show at some point next week!! Scott x

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