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Wolverhampton “Jack”-missing Act One and Act Two Photographs!Part One.

February 26, 2013

Due to a glitch in a disc, I haven’t been able to look at the photographs of the middle of Act One, into Act Two!

My disc stopped before Daisy The Cow was sent off to market- Luckily another copy has arrived, and I’m delighted to share some Panto memories of the rest of Act One and Act Two!

So here we have the production shots from the middle part of Act one, going into Act Two, starting with the Milking Scene, the beanstalk and ending with with Sherrie’s “Born That Way .Enjoy- the rest to follow !

IMG_2971  IMG_2982 IMG_3008

IMG_3020 (800x533) (2) IMG_3021 (800x533)  IMG_3061 (800x533)

IMG_3064 (800x533)   IMG_3085 (800x533)   IMG_3112 (800x533) IMG_3127 (800x533)

IMG_3131 (800x533)  IMG_3156 (800x533)  IMG_3164 (800x533)  IMG_3178 (800x533)

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  1. iann carr permalink

    very good to see pictures of your strip! a essential part of pano i think! abit of inman in there and as you have said the tag is very terry scott! i sawhim do it in bristol and also in bath at one of the best theatres to see a panto i think! in a previous jack at wolverhampton wyn calvin did a strip that lasted less than a minute! if that but still funny. from one of my first memories of panto, inman and howard as uglies at coventry sometime in the early 70s did a great one, ive always thought it essential to a good panto! dame trotts was a goodun!

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