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Paul Critchlow

March 3, 2013

Sunday 3rd March 2013

Paul Critchlow

Here at IBY we were very sad to hear the news that Paul Critchlow passed away in the early hours yesterday. Only this Christmas (2012-13) Paul was appearing, as he did each year, as Ugly Sister. This past season he was at the Princess Theatre, Torquay in “Cinderella” for New Pantomime Productions. Paul regularly played “Sister”, often with Michael Fordred for NPP, and specialised in playing Villains in panto, working for John Farrow and later for Simon Barry.

paul6  paulc1  paulc3

Paul was hugely popular with “Rocky” fans for his years with the “Rocky Horror Show” tours playing Riff Raff. He toured in the Theatre Royal Hanley productions in the UK from 1986 to 1988, and again in “The Rocky Horror Show” for David Ian and Paul Nicholas at Bournemouth at the BIC. I costumed the UK tours for Hanley and the BIC production, and have memories of a lot of laughter in the dressing room four flights up away from the stage, mostly from Paul, and a lot of running to make quick changes. Paul also Stage Managed theatre productions, and looked after the cast of Brighton’s alternative “Adult” pantomimes over several seasons.

Paul Critchlow as Riff   paulc7

Paul’s recent pantomime appearances as Ugly Sister in “Cinderella” included The Southport Theatre in “Cinderella” (2005-6),  The Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn and Princess Theatre Torquay (2006-7), then   York Opera House (2007-8 with Ian Smith. Again his “Sister was Michael FordredThe King’s Theatre Southsea (2008-9) Princess Torquay 2009-10 with Michael Fordred) and at Wrexham, (With John Cooper as his “Sister“,2011-12),at The Opera House York (With Michael Fordred in 2010-11) with Lisa Riley and Syd Little.

paulc4    paulc5

In Pantomime over the years Paul appeared as Villain in roles such as Abanazar, Fleshcreep and the Spirit Of The Mirror before specialising in the Ugly Sister Roles in “Cinderella”. He will be sadly missed by friends, work colleagues and panto audiences alike.


Nigel Ellacott


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  1. Heidi permalink

    Paul and I had known each other since we were ten. During my teens his parents, sister, and of course Paul, looked after me when I lived briefly in North Wales. I loved him. He was simply a treasure and a great firend althou in recent years I had not seen or talked to him as much as I would have like. He made me laugh until I cried. One of my favourite moments of all, and I am laughing as I type, was when in Wales at his parents home I went to the loo and in a moment of what should have been peace & calm, he howled like a banshee into the overflow pipe from outide. I leapt off the loo and screamed. Needless to say Paul was convulsed with laughter. Paul wherever you are now I know that they will be in hysterics. I will miss you being on the same planet. My love, Heidi (nee Beesley)

  2. Louise O'Hara permalink

    Oh my God! I was looking into finding Paul when I came across this news. He and I, and my brother, who died in an accident back in 1980, were all at school together in North Wales and were great friends. I lost touch with Paul over the years – this has partly been to do with the enormous pain of losing my brother and not wanting to be reminded of any of our past. I can’t believe that now I am trying to track Paul down I have lost him too – this is such sad news. I can identify with Heidi on how funny and happy a soul Paul was. I performed in amateur dranatics with Paul too and remember how much he loved acting. I wonder whether anyone knows of others of our friends – in particular Carron McCormack (probably married and with a different surname now), who was with my brother when he was killed in a road accident. I would be grateful for any help in getting in touch with Paul’s family and anyone from school in the North Wales days. Louise O’Hara (nee Wheatcroft).

  3. Karen mccormack permalink

    Hello Louise, I have just come across your message. Paul and I kept in touch and had drinks only a few years ago. I often think of you, Nicki of course, and Paul. Email for a chat?

    • Louise O'Hara permalink

      Hi Karen,

      Wow – I never thought I’d find you. Thanks for getting in touch. Please do email me at – or better still call me on 07984 453840.


    • Kevin Healey permalink

      Hay Karen remember my name i have just now heard about paul i haven’t seen him for years i thought i would look him up and saw this
      will never forget staying at your flat when we were in our teens when we did that film dream child in liverpool kevin Healey

  4. jenny permalink

    (?) and he was his self.I knew paul back in 1983 when he was first entering the world of panto. Skyped with him on the rocky revival party in 2007. I can’t believe we’ve lost him so young. Exit stage right Our Pauli, swerve to avoid the dog and HAVE SOMEWHERE TO GO! God bless love

  5. I miss Paul every day. We had some amazing times and I met some amazing people.
    Miss and love you Paul.
    Never let it be said a yawn goes by.
    Your Action man x

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