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Cissie & Ada- An Hysterical Rectomy!

March 16, 2013

Broadway Theatre and Cutting The Strings present a new comedy play based on Les Dawson’s comic TV characters
Cissie and Ada: An Hysterical Rectomy by Graham Warrener

Cissie and Ada, the immortal comic characters created by the late, great Les Dawson aided and abetted by Roy Barraclough, grace the theatre stage for the first time in this hilarious new play. Written by playwright Graham Warrener in collaboration with original Cissie and Ada scriptwriter Terry Ravenscroft, Cissie and Ada revisits the story and the culture behind the side-splitting sketches and that of BBC Light Entertainment in the 80’s as well as bringing Dawson and Barraclough’s comedy genius back to life.

Two former Coronation Street favourites Eric Potts (Diggory) and Steven Arnold (Ashley) join Steve Nallon (famous for his Mrs Thatcher impersonation live and on seminal satirical TV show Spitting Image) and actress Natasha Magigi are directed by John Jackson Almond.


From March 27th to April 6th, this comic creation will be at Barking’s Broadway Theatre,

twelve shows only, with three matinees available and shows on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Every performance will be streamed live so even if you can’t make it to the Broadway, you needn’t miss out.

Cissie & Ada were the creations of Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough, written by Terry Ravenscroft and  aired each week in “Sez Les” on television. Cissie Braithwaite and Ada Shufflebotham (or sometimes Sidebottom)  were played by Les and Roy with “a love of gossip, stoical pursing of lips and constantly heaved bosoms”. They became huge favourites with the public for a decade.

SezLes1  SezLes2

Les Dawson’s admiration for the Northern Dame-comedian Norman Evans can be seen in these portrayals.

NormanEvans1 NormanEvans2 NormanEvans3

Each week a combination of Les’s fantasy ramblings through comedy, aided and abetted by Roy as Cissie brought old panto gags back to life, and once again directoire knickers and suppositories were up for comeadic grabs! What these two ladies could do with tales of a holiday in Greece-

ada-head-lo-res  cissie-head-lo-res

“Did you have the shish-kebabs? Ohh, not half……Were you on the Acropolis?… I was never off it…”

Eric Potts as Les Dawson-Ada and Steve Nallon as Roy Barraclough - Cissie

This meant the art of the panto dame was there for all to enjoy, and passed into comedy lore and history. It really doesn’t get any better than this- in a laundrette, working as waitresses or in the Doctor’s waiting room, Cissie and Ada were, and always will be, the pure gold of variety! The Broadway Barking presents this show as an Easter treat for fans of comedy everywhere. Cissie and Ada are loving recreated by premier Panto Dame Eric Potts- this season he will be appearing as Sarah The Cook in Manchester alongside Ashleigh and Pudsey The Dog, and Steve Nallon- famous for his “Spitting Image” creation of Margaret Thatcher!

For a reminder of Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough, take a look on youtube:

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