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Blodwyn’s Blog Day Three

November 28, 2013

The Other Rehearsal Room!001

There’s a sight you don’t see too often! Brendan in ballet class! We were all in class today to set the “cod” or “Balloon” Ballet- whichever you want to call it. There are different versions, and I remember the wonderful ones that John Inman and Billy Dainty did – what masters of comedy business they both were.

In this version Brendan, John and I perform a bit of ballet set by Lizzi in the other rehearsal room, We did about an hour an a half. Straight after John rehearsed “The Wall” – a clever and very athletic bit of comedy business, and I went off to learn my “At The Palace” number with Lizzi and the Ensemble. John, Brendan and I met up gasping for air for a cuppa around lunchtime!


No rest for us students of terpsichory, oh no. We went on to learn a very complex routine based on “Go West” that is quite a lot to take in- so by the afternoon my brain was trying to assimilate words versus actions and the desire to lie on the floor and nap! However, we all got together in the warmer and lighter room to start a run through. Day three and we have begun to run through Act One. My goodness- gold stars all around- thank you Michael and Lizzi!

006  004  003

We continued past six o’clock and then met up for a reward in the shape of a pub before heading home. A short Blodwyn Blog today as quite frankly Blodwyn spent today knickered. Yes- Knickered. When your breath comes in short pants…Tomorrow we continue where we left off in the Act One run through with, I think the mirror routine- More choreography! Last year we had fit club between shows at Wolverhampton. That will not be necessary in Llandudno!


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