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Blodwyn’s Blog Day 4

November 29, 2013


The full company in one room now- Michael and Lizzi working the scenes with everyone involved, adding the songs, the dances and the plot, and a big helping of comedy routines. Today the rehearsals saw us honing the Wall business with John, Charlotte and Adam, running and re-running, followed by the “Cod” Ballet , the “Mirror” routine and onward into Act Two with the “North Wales” number rehearsed and slotted in. A busy day- meanwhile Leona and Helen are in the ante room working on costumes, and the sound cues are being plotted in along with sound effects. It really is coming together in readiness for a run through. The scripts are down, but kept nearby for reference. Mine is there for lyrics- always my tricky bit!

Good luck greetings sent to Sunderland today- it is Sherrie Hewson’s first day of rehearsals. Have a great day Sherrie! Neighbouring Newcastle has now opened, and Im looking forward to a chat with Dame Rita Trott soon, once things have quietened down- if they ever do in twice daily Pantoland! Andrew Ryan’s Cinderella at Mansfield opens on Saturday, and as I passed the rehearsal hall next door you could hear the Wimbledon Aladdin rehearsal was in full swing.

002   021

Back in Sleeping Beauty Land the Prince and Fleshcreep battled it out, or rather Adam and Darren did- the sword fight looks amazing!

018  016  012

We ran through into the end scenes of Act Two by the end of the day, stopping to polish scenes. Vicky tried her Carabosse costume on in a break, and looked extremely evil- and plays the role with relish! Like all great villains she delights in being very very wicked!

My call tomorrow is a little later- 10.30 when we run through the Balloon Ballet- some great classical playing from David, giving the whole routine much gravitas!


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