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Blodwyn’s Blog: Friday & Saturday

November 30, 2013

Two days flown by- and I’m now throwing things into a suitcase ready for the journey to Llandudno tomorrow.


Darren and Friend

Friday saw us running through the Ballet Routine and the set routines, as well as fully slotting in the ensemble into every scene. We will recreate this when we arrive in Llandudno, when the local children arrive from the dancing school. Once again we will run each scene and slot them in- by now they will have rehearsed a good many numbers.

Ballet went well, and I think will be very funny. It is a combination of the tried and trusted “cod” ballets from my memories, along with the added frisson of John and Brendan as Ballerinos! That gives you some idea of the fun to be had!

002   003

Adam and the ensemble

We ran through the whole show by Friday late afternoon, and had notes with Michael and Lizzi before heading off. Packing began on Friday- although it is a short run we’ll all be there for a full month, and the weather reports suggest some thick winter woollies will be needed. I know there’s no point in taking an umbrella. Last Panto there I actually got three four before deciding to chuck it in! That promenade, and the strong gusts from the foot of Snowdon make umbrellas a waste of time!


Today- Saturday we talked, and then walked through “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” routine- which is a favourite with Panto lovers everywhere. I remember doing it back in the late seventies, but then the comedy was in the props mostly, and it was a fairly swift routine withy “a bra that was made to hold three” as the first object brought on stage.

Today, the routine, like panto itself, has adapted and renewed itself. Now it is very energetic and anarchic. It has a lot of possibilities for naughtiness, whether rehearsed or not! This time we’re doing it as a four hander- Brendan, John, Adam and myself, and it gives plenty of scope for “messing about” in a structured way! You can’t leave a routine like this to guesswork- it has to be structured, but at the same time you can’t make it sacred and not play around a little- the element of us having fun is what an audience warm to. They want to join in, and we let them!


After rehearsing that routine and the very athletic and funny “Wall” sequence, we started a “non stop” run. Matt Eagland from Qdos (he’s the lighting designer for this show) arrived to watch and take notes. He will be lighting as from Tuesday I would imagine. For the first couple of days the company will be rehearsing away from Venue Cymru, in a large hall. This keeps us from getting under the feet of the crew and technical staff “fitting up” what is a big show. Three truck loads I believe, supervised by David Morgan our CSM. (Company Stage Manager).


I’ll pop my head in on Monday after rehearsal to check that my stuff is there- one rail, two wicker skips and a large Jar Of Marmite, and leave it on stage left where the Quick Change room will be constructed. Venue Cymru has a large Stage Left wing, but the Right side is not anywhere near as big. All the large trucks and vehicles (yes, I did say vehicles) will come on from Stage Left. Including me- except I’m not a large vehicle- just a Dame who needs to be near the Quick Change Room for the fourteen changes!

We did our non stop run and were given our gold stars. We finished the rehearsal at 2pm. Michael Director pointed out that at exactly this time in seven days we will be on our opening show- and we feel very pleased that we’re ahead of the game!


Now final packing and getting ready for four weeks away- but in the sure and certain knowledge that mine hosts Dave & Michael at the hotel will be looking after me as superbly as always in their gorgeous seaside theatrical accommodation with the cosy bar. I love Llandudno, as readers of the previous Aladdin Blog will recall- and I’m looking forward to going to the foot of our Orme!

Until Monday Evening!

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