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Blodwyn’s Blog: Gale Force!

December 15, 2013

Saturday 14th December 2013


Woke to see the sea going backwards! Out of my window the strong gusts of wind from Snowdon were forcing the waves back Canute Style! The sea had small areas of whirlwind and I could see people hanging on to railings outside on the prom. It turns out that the Prom was the most sheltered, and as I went into the Shopping area behind the theatre, where the winds came directly down to the theatre stage door, it was much worse.


I saw people literally blown off their feet, and between shows Adam, Charlotte and Lisa came to the assistance of a gentleman blown over and suffering an injury as a result. Inside the wind screamed around the roof and I stayed in (as I do everyday) between shows. It died down about nine o’clock.

Sleeping_Beauty-8741  Sleeping_Beauty-8812

Adam in Prince Mode

John & myself in The Mirror!


Two moving as one!

The day started with a visit from a lady who braved these storms to come up from Euston, and return after the first interval. She’s Mary Turner the photographer of reknown, who has provided amazing photos for newspapers, Getty and the media- lovely to meet her. Mary is following up on the manufactured “Are Dames vanishing like Principal Boys played by girls” articles of late- created annually to attract interest in a subject that has much more to interest as we all know! Mary has already photographed Ken (Alan Taylor) and Paul Laidlaw, and come over to spend time in both dressing room and Quick change room during Act One. A lovely lady and it made a nice change to be able to show her around the backstage area, and introduce her to Helen on wardrobe with me in Quick Change.

Vicky and Andy are celebrating their anniversary this week- eleven years plus after meeting on the streets of Weatherfield. Andy visited an antiques fair at Venue Cymru today and presented me with a really lovely piece of Panto Memorabilia for my IBY collection. A thimble designed as Aladdin’s Lamp! It is pewter and I’d stab a guess at around 1910-1920, the title is spelled “Alladin” as it was often pre 1920. It is gorgeous and thank you so much for thinking of me Andy! It will go into the cabinet!

backstage 025  backstage 022

While the wind howled I took the opportunity to visit dressing rooms and take a few pics of life backstage here in Cymru Pantoland. We’ve all settled in now. This is show fourteen tonight. It was a Cracking show! The audience was truly “up for it” and Mr John Evans was sizzling! We really all had such fun that the time flew, and it was infectious. A great show with a storming “Twelve Days” routine to finish. Vicky was resoundly boo-ed as she and Darren finished their Act Two number- The Ballet and Mirror went the best they have I thought, the wall, the sword fight, the end of act one illusion with Brendan – the whole show shimmered and I really had a great night.

backstage 004  backstage 005

backstage 006  backstage 009

backstage 012 backstage 010

A quick drink at the Can Y Bae to celebrate the Anniversary couple and an early night. Hoping to see my friend Nigel Catmur, lighting designer tomorrow. He’s lighting a big choral event at the Arena here for televising tomorrow, and hope to see him briefly between shows.

backstage 015  backstage 018

backstage 019  backstage 021


All in all a superb day in pantoland- even though the weather took a “wicked” turn!

backstage 003  backstage 001

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