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Blodwyn’s Blog- The Last Night!

December 30, 2013

Sunday 29th December 2013-12-30

For Nigel 11

A day when all the magic happens twice, then vanishes into three large trucks! Within a few hours the Fairytale Kingdom of Llandudno becomes an empty three sided box, with a vast empty auditorium, awaiting Tommy Steele to arrive and create Dickensian London with “Scrooge!”

Arrived at the theatre on a very calm and bright day. The dressing room is now virtually empty, as by the time we went up on the first show at 1pm I’d even packed away my make-up, just leaving a “touch-up” bag of bits. Even the kettle went after the first interval- we mean business!

For Nigel 1  For Nigel 2

It is astonishing how fast everything can vanish after that last show- even during the show, as props and costumes are collected and boxed. The vans were already there by the time we began this afternoon, including the smaller truck, driven by Josh that takes the Royal Rolls and my two skips, one rail, two big blue bags and a suitcase!

For Nigel 4

Charlotte very kindly offered to “pack-as-we-go” as I always do, so that by the finale it is all done and dusted. Helen is busy enough getting me in and out of the costumes, and, of course will be collecting the Qdos Costumes during the last show as well. I wouldn’t have been able to cope with those fourteen changes (some of them seconds) without her- Thank you Helen, you’ve been fab!

Both shows were packed out, and great fun to play to. There were no last night pranks or tricks- that audience has paid the same money as any other, and deserve the same show- and, though I say it myself, it IS a great show.Lovely to see Mark Sherwood from Qdos in to watch the show. Mark heads the team that provides the scenery and effects for the big Qdos pantomimes. We’ve worked together many times in the past- from venues like Brent Town Hall, through to UK tours of “Billy Liar” and European and UK tours of “Rocky Horror”- he’s not changed a bit! Wonder what his secret is!

For Nigel 5  For Nigel 6

Just as always the last show flew by. I’ve seen quite a few last nights now. I’ve watched the Babes sob and the odd Principal as well! I think this might be my 39th Pantomime season, although I know I’ve done more due to two occasions when Peter Robbins and I did two pantomimes in one season! I’m keeping up that tradition now by heading off for the beautiful BrickLaneMusic Hall for the adult panto, and my role as Ship’s Cook! As soon as I get back from visiting Southampton with Andrew Ryan, Lesley Joseph, Kathryn Rooney and Brian Conley that is! Looking forward to New Year’s with the “Robinson Crusoe” Crew!

For Nigel 7  For Nigel 8

So for now, the scenery vanishes into trucks. My wardrobe is packed away- Danny’s bustle returns to the KMT store (thank you Jamie for being “Bustle Boy 2013!) and the Royal Rolls drives off into the sunset. I put on facebook that I had finished the panto, and that I’d met some gorgeous people and had a lovely time- I meant it! Thank you Sarah Ecob for a great season- Michael Harrison and Michael Gyngell, a BIG Thank you, and thanks to Paul Sampson for sharing the glorious pictures of the show with us on my blog!

For Nigel 9  For Nigel 10  For Nigel 12

Fellow Llandudno cast and crew- I had a ball! It was a huge pleasure working with you. Here’s to the next time!

Now I guess I ought to think about a Brick Lane Panto Blog … what do you think?

Watch this space for reports on Southampton, and for Daniel Dawson’s Epic blog of the twenty odd pantomimes he’s visited. Pantoland aint over yet by a long chalk!

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  1. Terry Powell permalink

    Oh yes; defo a Brick Lane Blog!

  2. Hi – really interesting reading here. We could do with some advice on the “sets” you use – any chance you could help us out? Am on twitter @deelovelock

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