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Aladdin Day Two

November 25, 2014



Tara, Sam and Rachel

Tuesday 25th November 2014

A full day of rehearsals today. We continued blocking scenes with Ian joined by Philip MD so that by lunchtime we had blocked all the scenes with the exception of a few- we’ll have Robin & James Grumbleweeds joining tomorrow for those pieces.


Philip – our MD

The script is starting to be clutched more than actually looked at, which is always a good sign on day two- mostly the script is there for reference to moves, changes or when it fails- the lines! I don’t know about anyone else, but it helps me to know where I’m standing to remember what I say? Is that just me?

Trains were all in upheaval today, and a noticeable police presence at the stations, so I was forced to take a taxi then a train and my forty minute journey took an hour and a half almost. I made it by one minute to starting time!


Sherrie & Sam

Ran through scenes until lunchtime, followed by an elongated run of what we’ve blocked so far, which is a good guide to the shape of the show. We started at the beginning with music cues added- still minus the ensemble, who are working with Matt next door, and got to the songsheet, running it in order. For the first time you get the feel of how long you have between entrances, and I find myself mentally working out the time I have for changes. I think I have around fourteen changes, and three of them look as if they will be pretty fast!


James- Evil Abanazar!

An enjoyable afternoon- that first limp along run through, and hearing some of the songs sung for the first time- there are some amazing voices here- and also enjoying the inventiveness of the whole “putting it together” process. This may be panto number 40 for me, but you never lose that thrill of seeing scenes being worked and comedy being wrung out to dry on the panto line! Talking of which- memo- extra pair of comedy bloomers required- oh no need, Cat is already on to it. The Empresses’s directoirs are sorted!

004 005

Marc & Cat and Company Stage Manager Philippa

We started at ten, and finished at six- and before heading for the underground a good few of us managed a drink in the pub before commuting.


Sherrie & Me- Washerwoman & Empress

All in all, a pretty good day in Pantoland!

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    Oh, yes it was!

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