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Aladdin Days Four & Five

November 27, 2014


Wednesday & Thursday – 26th & 27th November

I’ve run these two days together- to be truthful they are bonded together as two full days with the commutes from hell either end! No matter how early you set off, the trains are so crowded you can’t get on them, or like the past two days they are sardine cans on wheels. I just don’t know how people can commute rush hour each and every day- it must be exhausting!

Wednesday we rehearsed with Ian in the hall with the pillar, while Matt continued with the ensemble in the other hall. Next door to us you can sometimes hear a “High Ho!” or a Wicked Queen cackle, and from time to time I bump into my mate Chris Jarvis who is rehearsing next door, and have a quick hello with Carole Todd as we pass by.


Here in the “Aladdin” camp we were joined today by Robin and James, The Grumbleweeds. Ian seamlessly blended Their routines into the big jig saw that is our Panto, and we were able to do a stagger run with them, having rehearsed in Callum and James into their scenes- as Sherrie’s Imperial Guards.


Sam & Ian

There is more confidence in the lines throughout now. Scripts that were once clasped like sacred relics are now being laid down, and the musical numbers, supervised by Philip are sounding … well.. fantastic. We really have some huge voices here, and some incredibly talented Dancers!

003 (2) 005

James, Matt & Callum and the Ensemble ladies, Hollie, Katie, Chante and Emily

Wednesday Lunchtime was a longer break for Sherrie & me, as the Cave scene was being rehearsed, and we were delighted to receive a luncheon engagement with my friend Jason Belne who lives nearby. A lovely hour spent in his festive flat before heading back to rehearsal.


Sherrie, Me & Jason

We rehearsed through Wednesday until 6pm, and then headed home into a foggy London town.

Thursday Morning saw my debut as a rapper. I have only ever wrapped never rapped, and this is a very brief rap, but my goodness Matt’s choreography for the ensemble is just.. stunning! “Laundry Rock” is fast, furious and at one point involves James (Pullam) we now have acquired three “James’s” in the company- break dancing while Twankey looks on in awe. Some amazing choreography and dancing. I stay centre and try very hard not to bump into anyone!

In fact today was a “Putting It Together” big time day. We left the carpeted & pillared Hall for the wooden floor and skylight hall. Today the entire company worked together, with Ian and Matt putting the Ensemble numbers and production numbers in to a run, and with the songs being added. Scripts are now not in evidence, except for reference along the “When do I come on” or “What follows this” scenario.

019 018

It was Sherrie who pointed out that in a week’s time we will be doing the actual show. That is a sobering thought!

So the afternoon involved running the whole of Act One with full out singing and dancing and all the routines. Some parts will be changed once we get to work with the scenery and costumes, but in the main Ian is now added the flesh to the skeleton of the Panto, and honing and sharpening the scenes one by one.

017 012 011

Tomorrow we won’t have Sherrie for the morning, as it will be her last “Loose Women” appearance before panto. It should be fun, as our Empress will be chatting to Hayes’s Wicked Queen in the person of the lovely Linda Robson on the show! As I left on lunch break another Wicked Queen was sitting in the garden taking a breath of fresh air- Jerry Hall, wearing a red bedevilled headdress! Not something you see every day on the street in Pimlico!


Anna-Lisa Maree & Giles Bishop- Wardrobe

Pretty tired by the end of today-and I’ve not had to change my costume at all yet!  Everyone on Stage Management busy as we left, Wardrobe busy fitting the Grumbleweeds into costumes,  and Philippa typing up the calls for tomorrow. We have only two days left here in London before we head for Hull. Where did the time go!


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