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Aladdin Friday 28th November

November 28, 2014

Black Friday today, the day consumerism went mad and people fought over sale items in shops around the UK. No such “two Star Behaviour” here,  as Joyce Temple Savage would say in Benidorm! Here in Pantoland we started at ten o’clock going through the scenes in Act Two that needed looking at, and blocking in the Ensemble into additional bits and pieces. Wardrobe carried on with fittings and alterations, Philip altered music cues and sound cues, Matt did some additional cjoreography for new bits, and we all tried to get along without the scripts.

001  002

James & Ensemble- Abanazar’s Lair

It isn’t so much the words at this point- once you are IN a scene the words come through the ether, it is the order of the scenes that I think keeps us guessing. We will become more confident in the “what’s next” as we run it again and again.

Sherrie was away doing “Loose Women” this morning, and that meant I had a bit of a lengthy lunchbreak. What does a vibrant, dynamic Dame do in such circumstances? I found an empty rehearsal room, wrapped myself in my coat and slept for a solid hour! It did my cold the world of good! I will, of course be having a nap between each and every show that we do in Hull, as I always do, and as I’ve always done- ever since Freddie Lees told me it was the secret of doing “Twice Daily” years and years ago. I can sleep through an earthquake me!

This afternoon we did a full run of the show, ending at six o’clock, and are called tomorrow at 10am to do it twice I believe.

003 004

Some, like Rebecca will be heading off to Hull- she is a native of the City, and the rest of us will doubtless be packing for five weeks away. That’s something like thirty-five nights away, two shows a day, six days a week…its what we do each and every Panto. I will be trying to downsize my luggage- my costumes, wigs, accessories and props are probably heading to the New Theatre as I type this, so I only have to lug a suitcase on to the train on Sunday.

005 007

This week has flown, but next week will go even faster as we head towards the technical rehearsals, the dress rehearsals and, of course our opening matinee/evening in less than seven days time.

New digs and accommodation will be explored- if it runs true to course some people will be delighted, others will make their excuses and move out for other digs- dressing rooms will be allocated by Philippa, then personalised and decorated to make them feel more homely before that first Dress rehearsal. Certainly I’ll be setting up my quick change room in the Stage Right Wing of the new Theatre, in the firm and certain knowledge that I’ll be spending more time in there than I will in the dressing room- as always!

So- the London part of “Aladdin’s” adventure is about to end and it will be “Hello Hull!”- Keep tuned for further adventures!

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