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Friday-Saturday 5th &6th December

December 7, 2014


Saturday night, after the two shows, a chance to have a company meal. Sherrie picked a Tai restaurant, and a lovely one it was too. Today we said our goodbyes to Matt our choreographer and to Ian our director. They’ll be popping in from time to time before the end of our run.

Our visitor from Qdos yesterday (Friday) was Nick Thomas-Qdos Headquarters is not far away, as they are based in both Scarborough and Drury Lane London. Nick called in to see the matinee and will be returning after Christmas. Tonight (Saturday) we had a visit from Lesley Downie who co-ordinates the publicity and press for Qdos, so we’re doing well for visitors!


I had a lovely surprise when I came out of the Stage Door tonight- waiting there was Michael Hill. Michael has amazingly seen 270 Pantomimes to date- not in one season obviously! His collection of programmes go way back. I was very touched by the fact that Michael brought with him the programme from the last Panto I did here- twenty Five years ago. Complete with photograph. I’ve not changed a bit! (I wish!) Michael also had a programme with Sherrie in from the same time- it was lovely to say “Hello”- and what a fantastic track record of seeing live Pantomime around the country. Thank you Michael!


Michael Hill at the Stage Door

The show is getting slicker, a few small cuts and snips here and there. Comedy moments (unintentional that is) to date- When Sam and I push Chief of Police Jonathan through the mangle, we unwind a flat policeman. I managed to pull his foot off in the process! Sam had the Policeman, I had a foot! Apologies to the props department!


Had a very deep sleep between shows on the new Primarni Duvet- sheer bliss for twelve quid- and if I could just lose this cold I’d be delighted. I’ve decided that this is the only job where you can’t go for a wee, or blow your nose when you want! There must be others, so no letters or suggestions please!

So the company enjoyed a lovely meal and had a great time, and we have two shows tomorrow- Sunday. The Sunday times are 1pm and 5pm, then a few folk will be heading for home and a day off. I will have a long lie in and explore the delights of Hull shopping centre for the first time!

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