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Wednesday-Thursday 10th-11th

December 12, 2014

4th December 2014 Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Some excellent show photos join this blog now, courtesy of Hull News & Pictures

Hull News and Pictures and Qdos have very kindly allowed us to use these photographs taken during the show, from December 4th.

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Hull News & Pictures

The past two days have been a bit of a blur- My chest infection seems to have decided to go out with a great deal of coughing and spluttering, and James and Sherrie are coughing and generally feeling a bit grim- all we can do is dose up, keep warm and from the front you’d never know! Hopefully it is going away- fingers crossed.

We’ve had school parties in each matinee, packed to the rafters, and more mixed audiences in the evening shows- a good crowd they are too. The children are always delighted if Twankey picks on their male teacher to be her boyfriend, and much fun ensues!

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

James in full flow. Courtesy of Hull News & Pictures.

James (Pullam) has started “Crossword Club” in the Stage Right Scene Dock, and Marion and I contribute from our quick change room, joined by Sherrie, Twinkle and any passing crew during the bits when we are not on stage, obviously! The cast is starting to have social events now that we have finally opened and are running. The Princess of China hosting an “At Home” this (Thursday) evening for all. Sadly I’m not there, same with Sherrie- we have an early call in the morning to do a short piece to camera for the local news “Calendar” at 10.30 along with James P & Callum. Full costume and make-up! So its an early night for me.

I’m beating the chest thing with lots of sleep- getting up late, sleeping a full hour and a half between shows, and early nights. Boring, but the best way to get better quicker.

FullSizeRender IMG_8682

The Empress of China keeping warm backstage! Furry Slippers to the Fore!

Starting to get reports from all over about Pantomimes opening, and hearing the news from mates as we emerge from technical rehearsals and settle into runs.

IMG_8692 IMG_8693

This week we have the full twelve shows. People start to settle into a routine. Typically you find people sitting or perching in the same place at the same time now as habits start to form. A good few cast go out between shows, some to a local pub for dinner, some back to their nearby digs for a break. Some, like my good self never go out between, and just settle down for a nap- but you can see routines beginning to establish themselves all around the building.

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Rebecca reveals the secret of the scrolls! Courtesy of Hull News & Pictures

I’ll add a few more show pictures below, and continue to put them here on the blog each day. Great shots they are too!

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Tara & Sam. Hull News & Pictures

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Twankey & The Empress clash! Hull News & Pictures

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

the Grumbleweeds- PC Wishee & Washee- Robin & James

Th4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

The Village of One Long Poo- Peking! Courtesy Hull News & Pictures.

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