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Sunday 14th December.

December 14, 2014

A full week of twelve shows. I would be lying if I said we weren’t all very weary coming up to the last two, but it is what we do- and we do it with energy and verve! Between shows today (Sunday) we had a “meet and greet” in the auditorium with some members of the 5pm audience that were visually impaired. It is an opportunity for them to meet and in some cases get to feel the fabrics and textures of costumes and wigs so that their enjoyment of the panto can be enhanced a little. It was a very humbling and joyful thing to be doing before we did the show.

013In the auditorium

First show had a “noises off ” moment when the door that The Empress, Twankey & Schezerade enter through into the harem stuck! I pushed it, pushed it again and it would not budge, so we entered through a hole in the set and carried on regardless!

The audiences yesterday and today were lovely- a great week-end croud.

FullSizeRender(1) 002

James Barron had visitors tonight- his Mum Mary and His Dad Keith Barron. Mary was a set designer and scenic artist and Keith of course is a comedy actor of the top drawer- and like Father like son, Keith was a wonderful villain in pantomime. I saw him at Richmond and again at Sadlers Wells- here he played the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham alongside Roy Hudd, Geoffrey Hughes and Jack Tripp. A true master of Panto Villainly, a mantle James carries today. Lovely to see Maxine, James’s other half joining us for the show and for a great meal. Much laughter and many theatrical anacdotes passed that evening. A lot of theatre history on one table!

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre 4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Our twelfth show of the week means a welcomed day off tomorrow (Monday) then back for a week of ten performances before Christmas day.Along with many other theatres we have this Monday and Friday off to fit in with Christmas day.

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre 4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

The photographs that Marion brought in, of Peter Robbins, Les Dennis and myself all those years ago have been scanned in. Nina was Peter’s dresser twenty five years ago. Here are the pictures of “The Sisters” from way back then. A very lovely memory of the “Cinderella” from 1989!

IMG_20141212_0001 IMG_20141212_0006

Ward Allen & Roger The Dog with Nina

IMG_20141212_0008 IMG_20141212_0007

Les Dennis & Nina. Peter & Nigel with Marion

IMG_20141212_0005 IMG_20141212_0010

French & Dutch costumes. The Ballroom Costumes

IMG_20141212_0011 IMG_20141212_0013

IMG_20141212_0002 IMG_20141212_0003

Peter & Nigel: Finale black & White

Some amazing memories from the pantomime- and so thrilled that it’s Marion with me again in the Quick Change Room!

IMG_8737 IMG_8746

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre 4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre


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