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Christmas in Pantoland!

December 27, 2014

One show here on Christmas Eve- at 1pm . A day of packed houses and some very excited children, both in the audience and backstage. For the Juveniles it is a pretty exciting show to be involved with today!

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre
Not just Christmas Eve but today was the Birthday of Abanazar, Master Magician AKA James Barron. He was called to the stage for his fight call as usual- each day James and Sam run through their sword fight before the performance: This time that gave us the excuse to bring his Birthday cake and bubbly up on to the stage, and celebrate a quick “Happy Birthday” before the audience were let in to the auditorium.

010 011 013
A great atmosphere today. Outside there was a flurry of last minute shopping, but inside, in the Village of One Long Poo all was calm. That is for the odd wrapping going on in dressing rooms and getting bags readied for the journey home at 4.40pm. As soon as the curtain fell it was a swift “Merry Christmas!” and an even swifter exit as panto folk headed for cars, and in my case, to the Paragon Station, Hull.

058 057
I set off for Nottingham, spending Christmas there in a gorgeous hotel recommended by Lesley Joseph. Amazing place, and thank you Lesley very much indeed!

Christmas day was a welcome break from the shows, and a chance to catch up on news and a bit of rare television. No sandwiches and soup today either for a change!
Boxing Day
The day that any Company Manager in a pantomime treats with a tinge of fear! Throughout the Country Panto folk have driven far and wide to be home with their families if they can. Others make Christmas Merry where they are, and stay put. The Company Manager- in our case Philippa is “Mother Hen” this morning, not resting until she knows all her chicks have returned to the theatre!

All her chicks made it with time to spare- some, like Callum got up at 5am to be here by mid morning, and some drove five hours . I was fortunate to get a lift from James B from Nottingham, arriving early enough to wander around the shops before heading into the Theatre for our 1pm show.

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre
Both shows were good, and a short gap between them. During this we had our “Secret Santa” on stage.

062 063 061

Marc and Cat organised it with full theatrical flair- Sherrie as Mother Christmas (channelling Angela Lansbury in a red velvet coat!) drawn on by Callum- in a rickshaw.

065 070

066 073 072068

. a few flashes and pyros and a very jolly quarter of an hour. Good fun, nice to do in between shows.

Finished the show by 7.30pm and headed off in the rain for a sandwich and a nice cuppa back at the hotel. Glamour personified!

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