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40 Years on! Saturday 27th December

December 29, 2014

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Me with Callum in the Village of One Long Poo!

Two shows today, business as usual. I’d been asked to be at Stage Door at 9.50 by Philippa, after the second show, and assumed it was a meet someone, possibly Nick Thomas, maybe someone from the theatre? A drink? no-one seemed to know anything about it, so I thought nothing of it.

we walked down the road to what I thought might be a Chinese- certain now it was someone from Qdos who had popped in and we were joining them. Walked through the door of a nightclub/bar and had the surprise of my life!

Philippa and the “Aladdin” Company had organised a surprise party to celebrate two earth shattering events! My Fortieth Pantomime, and James’s 50th Birthday! We both had absolutely NO idea this was happening!

009 011007031

Twankey might say “Well, I’ll go to the foot of our Pagoda!” but I was speechless! What an incredibly lovely thing to do- Thank you SO much “Aladdin” Company- who all turned out and were just fabulous! Lashings of food, not just lemonade either- a DJ, dancefloor, pool table and great company. James and I had an amazing evening!

Pictures are a bit dark- these new fangled discotechy places are quite dark you know, so they can play their records all the better- but as better ones come in to me from the cast I’ll add them here!

012 014 002 010

What a great way to celebrate! I already have my lovely framed poster from Twenty Five Years ago here in Hull (Thanks again Nick Thomas & Nick Potter!) and now a party to mark the Fortieth trip into Pantoland. Twenty Eight of them with Peter right there beside me, and I kind of felt he was there tonight- his night as much as mine.

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Photos courtesy of Hull News & Pictures


As you’d expect the dancefloor was sizzling- Hull has not seen the like when a company of trained dancers take to the floor! Strictly eat your heart out!

021 027026015022008

4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre

Courtesy Hull News & Pictures

The Children- The Babes- seen above, were not at the party. Past their bedtimes. (and mine I think!) but they have been busy through Christmas- here is their christmas craft club in the heights of the wardrobe between shows with Twinkle!


A great evening and a very lovely way to mark the 40 years- no one gave me a watch or a zimmer frame, so I guess its onward and upwards into Pantoland for me! Thanks to Philippa, Cat and everyone for organising the evening for James and me. What a huge surprise!


The Aladdin Company!

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  1. Terry Powell permalink

    Happy 40th Nigel; that goodness you were standing in front of a bit of Terry Parsons in the top

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