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The Last Show! Sunday 4th January 2015

January 5, 2015

As predicted, faster than a speeding’s the final show. 006 (2) Packing started yesterday (Saturday) and was honed by today- Sunday. Had a visit from Mark Sherwoof from Qdos, always a pleasure. I’ve known Mark for longer than I care to mention, and it is a treat I look forward to- a brief encounter over a cup of coffee each year during the interval! 4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre Yesterday Annabelle from Qdos called in with her children to see the panto- cute kids both, and enjoyed showing them around the scenery with Philippa. I was in make up but no wig or costume, and they both thought I was Ananazar! Sorry James! 010014016018 Spent the day yesterday with my friend Suzanne Kaye- we did panto together in 1979 at Leicester- she’s the lady who gave me “Honey Bear” my mascot. So lovely to spend precious time with her after so long, and for her to see me play Dame, as she has up to now only seen my “Sister”. A great visit! 003 Between shows today the “Babes” had their joint party- two sets of course, in the upstairs circle bar. Lovely break in between the two shows, and a lull before the final assault on packing began. Here’s Alan proving backstage folk stand for no nunsense in a board in the bar for “Sister Act” 010 (2) Alan getting in the habit! 014012013 (2) After the party it was down to pre planning with Diane and Marion over the pack as you go technique- so that all I’m left with at the end of the show is the finale costume to be bagged. This was acheived with flying colours, and I thank you ladies! Magnificent bit of packing there! 013 4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre The final show flew by- Diane and Marion packing as each item was whisked from my body! A great audience and very up for enjoying themselves. Then, suddenly- Finale, Walkdown, quick “Goodbyes” as the curtain fell, and by the time I emerged from the shower, everyone was leaving! Less than fifteen minutes after curtain down the cast were off to homes they’ve not seen in a long while, and the scenery was being whisked into the large Paul Mathews vans outside the stage door. IMG_1605

My costumes loaded

0024th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre4th December 2014  Aladdin, Hull New Theatre006 (2)

Panto 2014-2015 is over! It’s been a great show and I’ve met some great people, and now it is time to move on, read a script on the train tomorrow, and prepare to start “Babes In The Wood” Brick Lane Adult Style next week! Thank you Hull- It was so good to return to you after a 25 year gap. So good to have the wonderful Marion as my dresser as before, and to have Alan still making sure backstage runs like clockwork. Had a blast as always with my mate Sherrie, and our new pal, the wonderful James Barron- worthy sucessor to the Villain’s crown belonging to Alfred Marks and Alan Curtis- and to all the lovely people we met along the panto path! 001 IMG_1602 Here’s to next year- and in the meantime, keep watching this space for the Brick Lane Blog starting in about seven days time! Farewell from Hull!

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