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Rehearsals: Thursday & Friday

January 18, 2015

Thursday 15th January 2015 020 Ten thirty start and during the morning we blocked Act Two. The second part of the Brick Lane Pantomime follows a long standing order- after the break (in a matinee this is when the afternoon tea is served) Vincent introduces  the second half, and money is raised to help the “Outreach” arm of the Music Hall. This involves sending members of BLMH out to care homes and to residential homes- to anywhere that requests entertainment for those unable to come here themselves. 013 Often Brian Walker and Michael Topping will head out for an afternoon of fun, music and remembering lyrics and sunnier times all over the area. Last week they were in Ilford attending a 100th Birthday at a residential home here. Brian joined us for lunch during rehearsals today- lovely to catch up with him again. 014 009 With the fund raising over, Act Two commences with an opening number and continues through comedy sketches into Vincent’s song sheet (Susie Susie traditionally) and the finale walkdown, rhyming couplets to tag the panto and a goodbye number. 021 012 016 018 All this is a mornings blocking. Not bad eh? Kate MD was busy with running the musical numbers, and at the last minute a slightly startled Rusty Goffe and myself were drafted in to a few extra numbers! Act two this year has two set piece routines “Present of a Pheasant” and the age old “36 Piece Dinner Service” routine. You don’t see them much today, but they were a staple diet of panto and, like “The Busy Bee” or “The Tree Of Truth” routines, they are still very funny. Fun to do too! 005 002 003 During the day a large container was delivered to the back of the venue. This will store tables and chairs, and sit alongside the two used for costume & prop storage. An aladdin’s cave of sequins! 043 When we were told we were finished for the day I thought it was a tad early to be going home, and wondered if I could use up this early finish to go through lines or run a number or two.. but folk were heading off. Funny I thought to finish at 3pm. My watch had stopped. It was actually 5.45pm! Where did THAT time go! 062 Friday 16th January I dug out my dusty old instrument last night. Ooer Missus, etc! Vincent asked what number I was going to do at the end of my spot- which surprised me, as generally I am not asked to sing- in fact often begged not to! So, I decided to take the spirit of Music Hall to my bosom, and locate my little ukulele, blow off the dust, and have a quick practice. Not done that in a while- but it came flooding back! I know both Paul and Vincent are partial to playing on their Uke’s, so one day we could form a BLMH orchestra! 054 066 065 Today we ran through the show a couple of times, concentrating on Act Two, and on the Musical numbers, and I think we did the School Room perhaps three times. It is going to be extremely funny. No matter how hard Andrew tries to remain on his feet, he is destined to be flat on his back at least twice. It is pure mayhem, anarchy and simply very very funny! It is my task to try and steer this chaos to a beginning, a middle and an end, and following it we have an “Automation” style routine that is the cherry on top of the cake. I think it will be the tour de force of the show, and if not we may be Forced to tour!. (Boom Boom!). 059 The dinner table on Thursday and today has been getting longer and Longer- joined by Larry, and Kevin and stretches the width of the venue now! All around us we can see the scenery being painted and insatalled, Zara coming in with more props on an hourly basis, and the whirrrrrr of a sewing machine and an overlocker from Frank in Number Two dressing room. 053 049 People are in huddles doing lyrics, or like me, alone in a corridor running through routines and songs in my head- lyrics always frighten me. They come at you fast and furious and there’s no time to think! 021 030 By 6.30pm we had all rehearsed for the day, and return on Monday for the full day of Tech and Dress rehearsals. 017 023 027035 By 10pm I was attending the End Of Run party at the KMT Pantomime, and saying goodbye to a lovely cast and crew. The panto here ends tomorrow, and my second of the season begins Monday! And.. guess what? The Kenneth More Theatre has booked about fifteen seats for their outing for our very first, brand new, slightly scary first performance of “Babes In The Wood”. No pressure there then! Now a weekend to brush up on these lyrics and lines!

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