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Thursday 22nd January

January 23, 2015



We’ve done a further two afternoon performances now- and each day something in the show gets tweaked or tightened or altered- you can really only tell by running and seeing what can be tightened.

Had a slightly earlier call to add an extra number to the finale, and for Laura to stage getting us all onto the small stage for the extra number. It is quite a crush getting Eleven of us up there in finale costumes with trains and hats and the like, so we rehearsed that new bit before Wednesday’s show.


Great audience reaction. The Schoolroom scene is proving to be the highlight I think- certainly to do, and by the reaction certainly to watch! It is going to be a scene that is never the same from one show to another! I have the swishy cane to wield to try and keep some order to the proceedings, but it isn’t easy!

Some sad news for the world of Variety and Music Hall today- Joan Hinde has passed away. Joan was one of those rare and lovely acts- a speciality musical act in the shape of a lovely and very funny lady. She brought a lot of class and fun to Summer Seasons and variety shows over the years- it really was a great act with bugle and trumpet- you can see examples on Youtube- and one duet with Ken Dodd is a real classic.

images untitledjoanh1

Joan Hinde

Thursday we had an afternoon show. This finished at about 4.45pm, so Andrew, Vincent and I were able to go into London and meet up with Andrew (Ryan) and Sherrie (Hewson) for a very jolly meal in the evening. An early meal as Sherrie has “Loose Women” in the morning, and gets up very early to be at the studios on the embankment.

011 009

A good chance to catch up on news since our pantomime ended in Hull, and we all put the world to rights before heading home around 9.30pm. Sherrie will be making her annual visit to Brick Lane’s “Babes In The Wood” shortly, but this time she will be holding on to her coat. On the previous visit she left it backstage (how foolish!) and Vincent made his entrance wearing it, and filled the pockets with all manner of things for her to discover the next time she went for a tissue! This next visit she will probably do a Ken Platt.


A “Ken Platt” you say? Older readers of this blog might pick up this VERY obscure reference! Some of BLMH might! Ken was the comedian with the catchphrase “I won’t take my coat off, I’m not stopping!”


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