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Day Two in the Snow White Cottage

December 1, 2015

Our Fabulous Ensemble with Arthur and Sarah016.JPG

Day Two in the rehearsal room, and Act Two set and blocked by Michael. we worked on the Plot scenes with Ricky, Sarah and Emma, and the scenes that involve Robin, John and myself.

There are a few old and trusted and tried routines in Act Two that have been given a new glass, and so the “Busy Bee” Routine and the Ghost Gag are in the second half, along with a clever “illusion” type routine , a Giant effect courtesy of “The Twins” who create staggering visuals, and of course, a bit of Ballroom!

DDuring the afternoon Robin took John and I through our paces- learning a very short but fast bit of Latin American Salsa. That a pretty good status for the day, I reckon- Taught Salsa by Strictly’s Robin Windsor- Tick!

I have to say I am not very fast on picking up steps, and even though Robin broke them down and showed us very patiently, as soon as he did them himself they looked totally  different. His whole body moves. My leg moves, his entire being moves! Early days but  deeply in awe here!

And just to add to the sparkle and glitter of Strictly, John has a dashing new costume for this routine- he will be wearing trousers for the show, but this is a salsa taster!


Songs were sung, lines were run through and honed by Michael, and Katy Price joined some of our cast for a coffee in a break. Its all happening here in Pantoland, I tell you! On Friday Robin’s Strictly partner Anita Dobson will be in the building, rehearsing her stint as Wicked Fairy next door.

During the day Lesley and Wendy did fittings with everyone, in readiness for the wardrobe boxes departing on Saturday. I came home and did a bit of rewriting of some bits, and tomorrow we start at 10am with the Songsheet, before going back to the beginning of the show and running that through.

Meanwhile in the vast hall Arthur will continue to go through the athletic dance routines while doubtless John and I will be in a corner somewhere going through our moment of Strictly glory!

we were joined from South Wales today by James, our Sound Technician, and a regular at Venue Cymru Pantomimes.He will be watching the rehearsals and adding sound effects and stings and all the bits needed in a Panto. His trusty laptop is an archive of every sound you could ever need. Today I asked for seagulls, and seconds later you get seagulls. Probably authentic North Wales Gulls. Probably from the skies above Venue Cymru. He’s good is James!


James and trusty laptop.

In rehearsal rooms all over the UK panto folk are doing what we’re doing. Here’s a really lovely pic from Southend where “Cinderella” under the watchful eye of Kathryn Rooney is rehearsing with Brian Conley, Lesley Joseph and Martin Ramsdin and David Robbins as the fabulous “Sisters”. Lovely Lauren Hall is “Cinders” with Mathew Goodgame and Steve Leeds.

You might notice another familiar face- they had a visit from their mate Gok Wan to wish them well!


Overseeing all the arrangements here at the Rehearsal Hall is Andy Parish, seen here with Prince Ricky and Princess Sarah.


Tomorrow, Wednesday- we start at 10am, with the Songsheet.




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