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Wednesday 2nd Dec: putting It Together!

December 2, 2015


A shorter note from Nanny Myfanwy today, as I am heading for a very early bed. I’m “Proper Poorly”, as a 50’s Radio comic used to say. This reference will sail over everyone’s head I imagine, but I live in hope someone out there might remember who used that as a catchphrase, way, way back! I did panto with him way way back!


here’s my glamorous new mug shot. I might use it for modelling purposes. Balloon modelling perhaps.. I knew last night something was lurking and by morning Indeed I had got the lurgy. In a rehearsal room there is deep shame to the bearer of such a lurgy, so I’m hoping that wearing this for the next few days might help in NOT spreading it. It is the human version of “The Collar Of Shame” at the vets.


Being a super hero and a brave boy, and a trouper.. etc etc.. I got through a very busy day wherein Michael took us through the entire show, and honed and tightened and toned. we did each and every scene a few times, and by 4pm I think I was talking gibberish, and wanting my bed. By 6pm I was IN my bed!

Those in the business may be able to recognise which London rehearsal room by the following picture.

Yes, we have chickens- chickens who obviously love a panto as they have a choice of two, and they come up to the windows and cluck approvingly during numbers.

014 019

So all in all we ran all the scenes downstairs, while upstairs Arthur continued with the ensemble. Wardrobe- Lesley and Wendy carried on fitting and altering throughout, and Robin gave John and I a few more tips on the Salsa. We are following, well treading on in my case, the footsteps of Anita Dobson, and gorgeous Lisa Riley as his dance partners, so it is a great responsibility!


Tomorrow is exciting. We join forces with Arthur and the ensemble upstairs, and work the show through with Michael in the vast hall- we get to see the dances for the first time, and the ensemble get to see the various scenes- its a real “Putting it together” day.


I heard that Charles Burdon has had the lurgy this week, he is playing Nanny in “Sleeping Beauty” in New Brighton with Vicky Entwistle. What is it with us Nannies? He is back in rehearsal, and hoorah for that.

Ten o’clock call. Big hall. mask optional. Goodnight!

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