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Thursday 3rd Dec:The Vast Hall!

December 3, 2015


Here’s the vast hall! We all moved into it today, so effectively it is the first time we’ve all been in the one room, wardrobe (Lesley & Wendy) included.

Not easy to hear what is being said or sung in here, as it has a cavernous echo, and I’m still wearing my face mask to prevent spreading my cold, so I’m not sure if Michael heard me get my lines wrong or not!

We have a “cabinet” which John emerges from to great comedic effect. I won’t give any of it away, but it is very funny, and will be one of the highlights! His costume was sorted out by Lesley today, and it will be a joy to behold!

Arthur choreographed the ensemble numbers into which the actors now joined. Sarah and Ricky did their opening “boy meets girl” song and dance, I did my participation number- it will get them on their feet, but because I tell them to! Emma did her “transformation” number- it all looks very impressive. Add to all of this a stunning ballroom bit with Robin and the ensemble, and it really looks something special.

Today is Lisa Briddon’s Birthday! Celebrated in style with a Birthday cake and some hungry friends!


Lisa is meeting up with her folks for a night out in London tonight, then its back to rehearsals tomorrow. It is also Aidi Jones’s birthday today- Aidi will be running the show next week as resident at Venue Cymru.


That’s Aidi on the right, in a photo taken during the recent Panto Roadshow.

So a full day rehearsing in the scenes with all the dances and songs. Michael and Arthur along with Stage Management and Andy Parish Co Manager sorting out any changes to flying plots (scenery not people) and flying People plots! Kelvin adjusting music to fit any nips and tucks, and we said goodbye to James on sound until Monday.


Michael Gyngell & Lisa Briddon.

Monday is only just around the corner Seems that in no time we will be rehearsing in the theatre, in one of the very large rooms they have available, while the get-in and fit up of scenery and lighting takes place.


“Charley’s Angels” in the guise of Jenny & Sara-Lee.

I’m very much hoping I am feeling better tomorrow, and can dispense with the muffling mask! We start at 10am with the “cabinet” scene, and the scary bit where Emma proffers poisoned fruit at Sarah, running through the Ghost Gag and into the end bit where everything turns out hunky dory, unless you happen to be a wicked Queen!

Run through of entire show at 2pm. For now I’m going to look at the script again to clean up a few wooly moments. I believe Anita Dobson will be next door rehearsing tomorrow, and will hopefully get to meet up with her Strictly partner Robin over a cuppa!




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