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Friday 4th Dec: Run Thru!

December 4, 2015


The week has flown. Admittedly I’ve spent most of it in a surgical mask trying not to breathe on anyone, but it has whisked by. Today we do the first full run- a chance to see if what we think we’ve remembered has sunk in, and a chance to get a rough timing on the show.


Robin set the style of the day by bringing in a few boxes of doughnuts-the big filled with custard and glazed ones. No better way to start the day!


The reaction.. well, a picture paints a thousand words! And yes, I did slip one under the mask thank you!

We started the day at 10am with John and I rehearsing the “Cabinet” bit- that thing I don’t want to mention because it gives things away- and worked that out. We put together some local lyrics for the Songsheet and rehearsed those as well, and by 11am everyone had arrived for the rest of the morning.


There is the most spectacular dance routine in the middle of the show. Latin segues into waltz. The speed that Robin moves is astonishing, and the entire ensemble present a stunning strictly number. Lots of lifts and fancy footwork, choreographed by Arthur and Robin.


I do get the chance to partner Robin- well, in a trio with John actually when Muddles and Nanny join Twinkle-toes (that is the name of The Man In The Mirror) for a quick salsa. This is a work in progress!

We rehearsed scenes and looked at routines up to lunchtime, then returned for our first “run” at 2.30. Not bad though I say so myself, and good on time- it seems to be about the right length at the moment.


I think most of us felt the same thing- after finishing a scene, a good few of us had that “What comes next” moment. It is putting the show together in order for the first time that helps sort that out. I kknow I will be doing the same on Monday or Tuesday, but each time you get to know the running order better and better.

By Monday, of course,, we will all have arrived at Venue Cymru, settled into our digs and will be taking a look at the rehearsal room while the fit up continues on stage.

Here’s a glimpse of what was happening on the Venue Cymru stage this afternoon, courtesy of Document Conwy on Facebook & Twitter.



Talking of twitter and facebook, Panto Day (@panto_day) posted a photo on twitter two days ago- It seems I was “Dame Of The Day”- fancy that! Each day there is a delightful Dame- it must put the old Pirelli calendars to shame!

Meanwhile the Stage Management team headed by Parish heaved the wardrobe boxes outside the rehearsal room for collection. They are on their way to Llandudno as I type.

015 016

There was a moment of nostalgia for me when I came across this costume skip- I have several back in the Kenneth More Theatre store that say “Moss Empires” and “H&W” (Howard & Wyndham. This one dates from when Peter Robbins & I first did “Sisters” way back!


We ran about 50 minutes first and about 45 minutes second half. We have to add time for laughs, and there will be lots (obviously!) but it seems a very good tight running time and Michael was pleased, if not delighted!

I think I can now discard my surgical mask and be free of it tomorrow. Feeling a lot better and ready for run through number two tomorrow morning. After that it is packing, travelling and leaving London for lovely Llandudno.

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