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wednesday 9th Dec: The Dress

December 10, 2015

Today was long. Dress days always are. We started at 9.30am and ended at 10.30pm. My feet REALLY hurt, and I have lines on my head where


the wigs have embedded themselves, but hey! I said I could do it when I wrote in forty odd years ago!

We started with a continuation of the “tech” from the “magic” cabinet on to the finale.  wereAfter a break we reset and were teching certain big scenes, involving flying and complicated bits.



had what ever i could find in the dressing room fridge for lunch still wired up to microphone and bodysuit, then started a full dress rehearsal at 7pm.

We did a non stop run of act one. It ran 55 minutes, which seems pretty good and slick. I made all of my changes and I think I remembered all my lines! Thats a novelty!


The Interval doesnt really exist for me as I am changing into the nine items that go under the strip robes, and then it was time to waddle down stairs to do the strip. That went well. Irene dressing me was as delighted as I was that we stripped to the last beat!

The Busy Bee gag is messy but very funny. John gets thworks and gets pretty soaked. I escape with a few drops!Emma snarled and exuded evil as Queen Sadista, with a pretty amazing transformation “flight”- and Ricky and Sarah Fell in love, she fell dead he kissed her, and they got married. The usual. Robin not just glowed but, I have to report, he LOVED every second of the show. He positively beamed!


First panto and now he is in Lurve with it!

The hard working ensemble threw heart and soul into it, as did the children, and John and I worked all our routines, including a tricky one with a camera as well we could without an actual audience.

Paul Sampson from Document Conwy called in to take some photographs- his pictures are always amazing- I treasure the oneshe took of my Roadshow and the Sleeping Beauty Panto here. Good to see him again.



In short we got through it all, and I think Michael and Arthur was pleased, and Matt on Lighting seemed very pleased too. We had a note session afterwards, and left for a few medicinal Bombay Gins at the glorious “Can Y Bae”, who have very kindly offted to host the First Night Party tomorrow. Michael and Dave are welcoming theatre and panto company  after our second show tomorrow, and sponsoring the Panto.

Its late. My feet still hurt. I must away to bed and be up for a 9.30am start, with the first- the very first performance of “Snow hite” at 10.30am. Hope to bring you photographs very soon.













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