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Mon-Tuesday 14th/15th Dec

December 15, 2015

Celebrating at “The Albert”004

Celebrating at “The Albert”.

Monday 14th Dec:

Two shows today at the School Show time of 10.30am and 2pm- I’m loving this, as it means we get a whole long glorious evening free to eat properly and shop, as we come down at around 4pm.

Both shows delightful. Packed with kids, mostly Keystage One, average age 6 to 7 I guess, and very responsive from the moment they are conducted front of house in the singing before curtain up!

I had my annual visitor, Panto Dame Lee Redwood accompanied by Charlotte. Lee has been coming to visit my pantos since.. well for a VERY long time. Like the Coca Cola Truck, his annual trek to wherever I am is a Christmas event, and I’m deeply grateful he makes the journey from Down South!


Liking the red crocs huh? After all the high heeled footwear in the shows, this is my most treasured backstage footwear!

Both shows went swimmingly well, and very rowdy responses from both houses. They love the Ghost Gag at that age, and get very vociferous whenever it dares to appear!

After the second show met up with the other half of this website, Simon Curtis! Simon is here on official Equity Business, and we managed a catch-up at the Empire Hotel over a traditional Welsh Afternoon Tea. Its like any other tea only it included Bara Brith, a Welsh Tea Bread. Lush!

Quiet evening- a first chance to chill and relax, with an early night. Ten Thirty shows are demanding, so it is early to bed. My mate Sherrie at Leicester has her shows at 10am, so we texted about the joys of early nights!

Tuesday 15th Dec:


Two shows- early again. The glamorous life begins visiting the local garage with Robin to select a cheese sandwich from the fridge- me not Robin, he’s a healthy eater, unlike me! Armed with sandwich for between, the day begins putting make up on at 9.45am and wondering where your eyes have gone!

The make up is applied, the eyebrow plastic, the glitter, the lippie, and then, as you realise you never drank the tea you made, its time to put on the microphone, tape it, and clamber into the petticoats, the costume and head downstairs to the quick change room. I walk through the village, populated by the glamorous ensemble and the Pearl Shaw Kids, duck under the wishing well, and meet up with Irene or Gwen in the Quick Change room.

Robin is on first, flying in on a giant mirror, followed by Sarah being all Snow Whitey, followed by Ricky being all American Princey, then its me! From then on I don’t sit down or draw breath until after the finale.Fifteen or sixteen frock changes, and the show flies by! It really does!


Here’s today’s review from the Rhyl Journal Newspaper:

REVIEW: Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to Panto land at Venue Cymru we go
Published date: 13 December 2015 |
Published by: Suzanne Jordan
Read more articles by Suzanne Jordan Email reporter
WITH daring visual effects, dazzling scenery and a Strictly Come Dancing star in tow as the personal seer of the wicked Queen – this year’s Pantomime at Venue Cymru was never going to be anything less than Fab-U-lous!

The tale of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs begins in a flurry of magic and sparkles with a greeting from The ‘floating’ Man in The Mirror (Robin Windsor) followed by an all-dancing and singing performance and a declaration from Snow White Sarah McNicholas) who admits she can’t wait to see Prince Connor of Conwy (American-born Ricky Johnston) who she hasn’t seen since she was a child.

It’s not long before the audience is introduced to the Prince, wicked Queen Sadista (Emma Francis) and hilarious double act of Nanny MyFanwy ‘from Deganwy’ (Nigel Ellacott) and Muddles (John Evans). This was John’s ninth consecutive pantomime and he’s already booked for next year’s Aladdin.


Laughs and boos are served in good measure throughout the production. As well as fancy footwork and fairy-tale romance, there is a large side dish of adult and silly toilet humour, dancing quips “don’t get your bolero in a twist” and location based jokes: “I can’t marry you I am your mother – they might do that sort of thing up the Junction” resulting in both shocks and giggles.


Audience member Julian from Kidderminster became an unexpected star of the evening after being chosen by Nanny MyFanwy as a potential suitor and thanks to a video camera, he popped up on a giant screen for all to see.

Dance champion turned actor Robin is wonderful as the Magic mirror, pouting and mimicking Louie Spence like a pro with his outlandish exits off stage.


Costumes and scenery were stunning – from The Royal Palace Grounds to the Seven Dwarf’s cottage – as well as the breathtaking visual effects – including a flying pterodactyl. There was also a fantastic ghost who bobbed up during a comedy scene and provided plenty of laughs.

Although the show moved at a blistering pace, at times, elements of the traditional plot line went astray. In Act Two, Snow White ate a poison apple, ‘died’ and received a kiss off her “one true love” all in the space of a Strictly Come Dancing routine. The Dwarfs – althoughdelightfully performed by dancers from Pearl Shaw School of Performing Arts – wore masks that appeared a little frightening, especially for younger children.


The Man in the Mirror, Muddles and Nanny MyFanwy were the true stars of the show whilst Snow White and Queen Sadista took the crown for best vocals.

Overall, Snow White is warm and festive. It was clear the focus was to produce a Panto, which sticks to tradition, but also follows a new direction. Scenes were show stopping and the magic didn’t run out – smiles are guaranteed!


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is at Venue Cymru until December 31. To book tickets visit or telephone the Box Office on 01492 872000.

After the show (and I admit a Nanny Nap!) A lovely evening at the “Albert” with a few of the company enjoying a drink or two, and petting Rooney  the pub dog until bedtime once again beckoned, via a stroll along the promenade listening to the waves. What a joy this town is- and tomorrow we meet the Mayor at the Town Hall for a reception. How jolly is that!





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