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Sat 19th :The Family Shows

December 20, 2015


After a great day off, today is our last day of “Late” shows- the last 2.15pm and 7.15pm shows, and a different mixed audience to the schools matinees of late- a more comedy orientated family audience I guess you could say- they certainly laughed loud and long both shows!

It is also ridiculously warm! The news is all about the daffodils in bloom in December, buds on trees at Bodnant Gardens here, and I was walking around in a t shirt this morning, as were a lot of people. In the quick change room it was baking, and after the interval “strip” change when I now have eleven layers on I was melting! very hot and sticky for both shows.

Lovely to see how many visitors we are having backstage- Emma’s Mum visited and they had a glorious day in Portmerion, and Sarah’s family travelled up from Swansea (my home town) to stay over. I had a nostalgic meeting with Christine Pritchard as I mentioned yesterday, and today the lovely Linda Jane Holmes, wife of Kelvin the MD arrived to see the panto. Linda, Andrew Ryan and I all toured in the National tour of “Billy Liar” back in the day, directed by Paul Kerryson, and it was so good to see her again, and to catch up albeit briefly!


Linda has given many a Principal Boy and a Queen Rat in her day! Gorgeous lady!

I had a cuppa in Catlins Cafe front of house with Kelvin, Linda and John Evans. It is of course the site of the  Arcadia Theatre when I first came to Llandudno. Here are a few memories of those Summer Shows.Courtesy of the local antiques shop!

My visitors this afternoon were Alison, Andrea and Ken. I had the joy of a week’s Summer School this year for NODA in Warwick University, and both ladies were on my week long course. They had travelled far to see the panto this evening, and I’m deeply touched they made the journey. Lovely to see them.


To add to my list of familiar faces, I popped to the hotel next door tonight after the show for a catch-up with my mate Nigel Catmur who is in the arena next door to the panto, lighting two shows for television. Had a lovely chat over a G&T .

It is now REALLY raining. Its humid but very wet. Hoping this isnt another weather situation to cope with in North Wales. The town was glorious this morning, very busy with last minute Christmas Shoppers, but sunny and mild.

Tomorrow we have the start of the 1pm and 5pm shows. A chance to eat properly after the show. Today I had a sandwich before and a sandwich between- not the healthiest option.Thank goodness for the Can Y Bae Welsh breakfast! As from tomorrow the “Albert” will be seeing me tucking into its home cooked gorgeous food!

Here cars stop for you to cross the road. People chat in shops, and I find myself smiling at Dogs and their owners- they are everywhere. This is doggy country! I even passed a shetland pony on the street today, very lovely, and no sign of a pumpkin carriage!



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