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Tuesday 22nd. Meet The Crew!

December 22, 2015


left to right:Keith Guy (Stage Manager) Steve Cridge (Chief LX) James Marsh (Sound 1)Paul Guy (Flies) oJohn Hughes (Flies) Iwan Jones (Followspot) Chris Smith (Followspot) Ashley Herman (Stage)

Middle Row: Christina Wynne (Stage) Ken Prenter (Stage)

Back Row: Charlotte Naylor (stage)Elisha Thomas (Stage) Dave Young (LX)Warren Kind (Stage)

Here’s the team that bring the magic into pantomime! Where would we be without them? In the dark, in an empty space and very quiet!

Front Row:IMG_5800

The Qdos Stage Management & Wardrobe & Sound:

Front Row: Lisa Briddon, Sara Bull, Lesley Belfield (Wardrobe Mistress)       Paul Murphy,  Company Manager, Wendy Philips (wardrobe Deputy)

Second Row: Jenny  Kassner, and Third row: Mack Mcgrail (Sound)


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