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Wed 23rd Dec:

December 25, 2015


Two shows, very responsive and as there is a mix of adults and children, the fun is very much to the fore! Robin declared this was the day he’d had the most fun and enjoyment on stage so far- and considering he loves every minute normally, it must have been a good two shows!


Show Pictures courtesy of Paul Sampson

Lisa Briddon runs our show. She calls the show and calls the shots. Each and every cue to drop something in, lift something up, light up a scene, explode a “Pyro” or a fizzy firework (A “Gerb” I believe) is from her mission control, Promp Corner which, here at Venue Cymru is sited Stage Right.

I thought you might like a look at Prompt Corner as it is called, and no, I have no earthly idea what any of those buttons and switches do!

Thankfully Lisa does, and so the show goes up at 1pm and comes down at around 3pm and up at 5pm and down at 7pm each day!

Robin and I are now living a “Beauty and The Beast” existence at the Hotel. I know which is which! We are the sole guests in this big seafront place for tonight, with a staff ratio of 11 to 1 until tomorrow! Big old dining room to fill just us two!


After the two shows (have to admit I was very tired after the second, those 32 changes caught up withme,  and with Irene and Gwen no doubt!) it was Quiz Night at the King’s Head!


Not our best night. Tonight’s team of Robin, Steve, Kelvin, Jenny and myself resulted in us coming joint 11th. Ooops!. Robin did however win the raffle, and a bottle of Bombay Gin came his waLuxury of a cab back tonight as the weather really is not very nice. Tomorrow is a day when most panto folk will be packing for that one precious day off and journeys home.

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