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Dec 27th:Robin’s Quiz Night!

December 28, 2015


Today we had bright skiesw, and the rain has finally stopped. Once again Llandudno looked like the holiday resort it really is!

Both houses were extremely good and full. Lots of rowdy reaction from a jolly adult crowd too, and they gave us the boost of energy you need- its all give and take up here on stage!

The Juveniles went to see Prince Charming and the lads, and Snow White and the ladies for photos between shows. Both groups have had their parties, and very good they were too.


Passing the Venue Cymru this morning I noticed a large Tardis parked outside! Not a visit from the Doctor, but an advert for the Venue’s Toy and collectors fair. I spent a good hour looking around train sets, daleks, thunderbirds and the odd Barbie and Ken! My nostaligia quotient was filled by discovering a boxed Chipperfield’s circus van and trailer from the early 60’s, as pristine as the day it was opened on a Christmas morning back then!


The second show came down at around 7pm, then we all set off for the Can Y Bae where Michael & Dave were awaiting the company. Tonight Robin has put together aquiz night with questions on Music, Christmas, Sport and of course, “Strictly”. A huge labour of love and a lot of work- on top of that Robin was Quiz Master- A fabulous night, enjoyed by one and all!


The Winning Team!

My team were woefully bottom of the league! There were a great many points between us and the winners. I did get one right- the jockey Frankie Dettori, but made the mistake of asking a certain American Prince to write it down on the answer sheet. They dis-allowed his Frankie The Tory…

A great Night at the Can Y Bae. Huge thanks to Michael & Dave our hosts, and Robin Windsor Quiz Master!

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