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Wednesday 30th December:Last Night Party

December 30, 2015


Show photographs courtesy of Paul Sampson. These can be viewed and prints purchased from

the revenue raised from selling prints helps keep a photographic record of the arts at Venue Cymru and Theatr Colwyn going, and establishes an archive. Paul’s stunning photographs are on view here to purchase directly!


Two shows today. The town was cold and rainy but I loved wandering around. The lack of chain stores here is so lovely. A reminder of what it used to be like when all towns had individuality. The shows today were tinged- heavily tinged with sadness for me. I won’t go into it now, but Simon will be putting a notice on the main page about some sad news we’ve received.

The show goes on- and we were full. The audiences were great, and the atmosphere continues to be warm and friendly – i kind of think we are blessed with the company and the crew here. This we celebrated with the “last Night” party held, of course the day before we close . Tomorrow will be filled with Packing and the six hour “Get Out”.


Here’s the company minus our Director Michael & Choreographer Arthur- we toasted you!

Many thanks to Sarah Ecob for having us here in Venue Cymru, and for hosting tonight’s “do” at the theatre. Robin acted as DJ, and gave a great thank you speech, and said everything we all felt. I had a great chat with Sarah and John about the theatre and how “Aladdin”, with John Evan in his tenth year at the Venue is already on sale!


And here’s a great picture of the Crew,wardrobe, stage management¬† plus one!



Robin, John, Sarah and Tim


A very lovely evening – thanks to all concerned. A company that metfor the first time in many cases in Pimlico in a rehearsal room a brief few weeks ago, and has remained a jolly happy and very talented bunch of people.


Tim, Aidi & Ken



Tomorrow’s blog will just be a brief postscript. We will all be dashing away as soon as the curtain falls, except for the crew who will still be loading the trucks past midnight. No pumpkin time in a “Get-Out”. Huge thanks to Keith and his crew for looking after us so well here!


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