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Brick Lane Birthday!

February 13, 2016


Friday 12th February 2016

Founded in 1992 at Brick Lane by Vincent Hayes, Today The Music Hall celebrates twenty four years of continuous performances and pantomimes!



Lottie & Lucy present Vincent with the Birthday cake on stage

Where Vincent would normally sing “Happy Birthday” to members of the audience celebrating, it was the turn of BLMH itself to celebrate. 14 years In this present building! It seems only a few years ago that Peter Robbins and I were here in the newly opened building dressed as Ugly Sisters for an event- and fourteen years has flown by!


This week so far we have presented “Jack” for two lunches and two matinee teas, with an evening show to follow tomorrow (Saturday). Packed houses, and some great feedback on Trip Advisor. Here’s a picture (taken by Joanne Hayes) of the finale. Joanne has taken all the front of house/onstage photographs you’ll see here- with a selection featured on the website.


A vision in green! Poison Ivy meets and greets the Brick Lane audience!

At 4’2″ Rusty Goffe makes a formidable foe in this panto- and I can honestly say, after today’s show, that he floored me! As I exited cackling he managed to tread on my train, resulting in Poison Ivy hitting the deck in the wings! Shame it happened just out of sight, as the audience would have loved it. Mid cackle, then Splatt!

This week has seen some more visitors to BLMH. On Wednesday we had a visit from Rusty’s wife Sarah and her friends . This is Sarah’s second visit to the show. Here she is, along with Yvonne Dearman from Italia Conti’s meeting up with former pupil Tommy. They were joined by Sarah’s friend and costumier Karen.


Sarah Wilkins, Karen, Yvonne Dearman, Tommy & Rusty backstage.

Our other visitors included Brick Lane regular Bill Byrne along with Kathleen Barry, Theatre Agent. Kathy did shows with Peter Robbins and myself back in the day. Lovely to catch up with her once again.


We also hada visit from Mark Hinton- theatre designer and costumier. Mark has recently designed the Wilton’s Music Hall Pantomime for Roy and Debbie Hudd, and from the photographs he has shown me it looked glorious! Many thanks for the Pelham “Mr Punch” puppet Mark- it will take pride of place in my panto cabinet of curiosities!


This week is nearly over, but tomorrow we have an evening show with a few more visitors to be added to this blog! The rain is lashing down, and it is very cold outside, but Saturday Night at Brick Lane Music Hall will chase those winter blues away!


Lottie as Jack


Andrew as Dame Trott


Strike a light! It’s Rusty!


Sam & Nigel. More “Moos ” later!


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