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Thursday 25th Feb.Corrie Night Out!

February 26, 2016


Nigel, Roy Barraclough, Vincent, Sherrie Hewson, Andrew, Daran Little and Patrick Rankin. Balans Soho Society!

Daran Little was at the next table- and a ran into these Corrie Stars unexpectedly! This BAFTA award winning Television writer worked on “Coronation Street” from 2000 to 2010. Incidentally Daran co-wrote Betty Driver’s autobiography! The same Betty Driver Mr Robley and I were listening to on the iphone a few days ago!


Andrew Ryan joining the Panto/Corrie Line-up. Are we being served?


A very jolly night out after we’d finished our matinee show at Brick Lane, joining our mates Sherrie Hewson and Roy Barraclough. Sherrie and Roy came straight from the BBC rehearsal rooms where they are currently blocking the forthcoming BBC “Are You Being Served” relaunch – a glowing tribute to that wonderful comedy show that Graced (and favoured!) our telly screens for so many years.


Roy and Andrew behind the Rover’s Return!(1986)

Sherrie of course is currently on our screens in Benidorm, and flies out to begin the next series directly after filming takes place for “Are You Being Served” at Salford BBC next week. She will be Mrs Slocombe- no sign of a pussy at Balans tonight- and Roy will be playing Mr Grainger. “A Glass of Water for Mr Grainger!”.

Sherrie recently played Wicked Queen in “Snow White” at The De Montford Hall, Leicester, and I’ve had great fun appearing with Sherrie in “Aladdin” and “Jack & The Beanstalk” recently.


Sherrie & I enjoying a night in old Peking- or Hull as it was!


Roy Barraclough

Roy Barraclough MBE is Panto Royalty. Millions remember the fabulous double act when Les Dawson and Roy created Cissie & Ada on television. So many clips can be discovered online at youtube. If you are not familiar with comic genius and the best comic timing, as well as some naughty “corpsing” from Les Dawson mainly, please take a look!


Roy & Les. “Cissie & Ada”


Roy in pantomime.

Roy has appeared in many pantomimes over the years, since first starting out in Reps including Oldham. He has appeared as both “Ugly Sister” and as Dame, and in fact played Nurse in “Babes In The Wood” with Andrew Robley back in the day! The next “Spotlight on..” article for this site will be “Spotlight On Roy Barraclough“. Watch this space!

His career has spanned theatre and television. Appearances in “Coronation Street” began in 1964, and again in 1972 and 1975. His character Alec Gilroy featured for twelve years between 1986 and 1998. Roy has also created the role of Santa Claus in the musical of that name on several occasions recently.

My particular favourite Roy Barraclough series was running between 1972 and 1973. It was called “Pardon My Genie” and featured Roy and Ellis Jones alongside the marvellous High Paddick of “Jules & Sandy” fame! I loved that children’s series, and did Panto with Ellis when the series ended.I think it was the Leicester Haymarket…or The Belgrade Coventry. I should look it up!


Before heading into town had a lovely chat with a Brick Lane regular Annie Galbraith. So lovely to see her in to watch the show. Annie was, of course the lady who looked after Danny La Rue’s gorgeous wardrobe, and looked after the gorgeous man himself. Shortly she will be putting together another exhibition of some of Dan’s costumes- this time in Kent. Looking good Annie!



Annie & Danny

So a full week of shows but a very lovely night out. Tomorrow we have our lunch time show, and Saturday a matinee tea, with a few visitors from Ilford’s KM Theatre calling in to enjoy the show!





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