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Thursday 3rd March: Penultimate Panto!

March 4, 2016


Thursday 3rd. Matinee Tea. Stephanie & Anna!

Delighted to have a visit today from two veterans of Brick Lane Pantomime, and regulars performing here- Stephanie Sen (to left of me) and Anna Campkin (To my right). They were in to watch the show this afternoon, and to have a catch-up with Vincent and all of us between acts backstage.

Here’s the final Panto tea for us backstage! The last show on Saturday is, of course, an evening! Say Goodbye to the Cream Cakes and hello to the diet I think!


Rusty and “a little of what you fancy does you good!”

We missed celebrating Vincent’s Birthday, which was on Tuesday, and those of us doing panto were not involved in the Trad Music Hall lunch that was held here yesterday.While Lottie and Catherine were working hard on stage, some of the Panto stalwards were out front enjoying their Music Hall Lunch!

The Ellacott’s are keeping up their Music Hall ends this week. My brother Vivyan, was putting together a Music Hall at Ilford Town Hall in memory of Redbridge Pearly Queen, Peggy Oliver who tragically died last Autumn in a road traffic accident. The show raised funds for various charities supported by the Mayor of Redbridge. Here’s Vivyan (second from left) with some of the cast and some Pearly Royalty who attended!


We had a great Panto this afternoon. The time has flown, and as the evening get a bit lighter, and the daffodils are in full bloom, it is time to wind down the world of Pantomime.

I started Panto back in October! Andrew Ryan and I took out our Pantomime Roadshow, visiting Darlington, Newcastle, Llandudno and East London before heading off for our various pantos- Andrew to Birmingham and me to Venue Cymru.Before then I had put together all the Panto costumes for Ilford’s “Snow White”, finishing a few bits off in early December. From my North Wales Panto I went straight into rehearsals for this show at Brick Lane- its been quite a Panto epic to date!

Playing Poison Ivy has been fun. I think after Saturday she might shimmy down the beanstalk and I think she might be found running her own pub!


Andrew Robley stumbled across this bar and sent the photo to me. I bet she’ll be there Sunday with dangly earrings and a frosty smile across the bar!

Saturday’s show will be gone in a blur.I’ll be packing as I go, and clearing away the make-up and costumes. The very jolly thing about BLMH is we have a constant parade of mates coming to visit, and I’m sure Saturday night will be no exception!



Andrew and Vincent have headed off to the Seaside- on Saturday morning they will be taking part in a ceremony to honour Brighton resident and star comedienne and actress Dora Bryan. A plaque will be unveiled to honour Dora on the wall of her former home (and the hotel she ran) with a gathering of friends, family, fans and theatre folk. Max Miller was a famous comic who was honoured by Brighton, and now Brighton’s female comic and star of film, radio, musical and theatre- as well as Palladium Panto, will be honoured in the morning!

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