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Sat 5th March:The Last Night!

March 6, 2016


The final show! We started rehearsals on 12th January, opened on 19th January, and now here we are. A great night to finish on, with a super audience, packed to capacity and full of fun!

During the morning, as I mentioned in the last blog, Andrew Robley & Vincent Hayes attended the unveiling of a blue plaque in memory of Dora Bryan in Brighton. The president of the society, Roy Hudd and Debbie (Flitcroft) Hudd joined them along with Michael Aspel and Wyn Calvin, the veteran dame who travelled from South Wales for the event. Here they are at the ceremony.


Among the guests were Steve Hewlett, Daniel Lawton, Tony Adams and members of the Max Miller Appreciation Society.


Roy and Debbie returned from Brighton to join with Jess Conrad and his wife Renee to see our show this evening. Lovely to see them again, and to chat about Roy and Debbie’s recent Panto at Wiltons, and to hear some of Jess’s wonderful if unprintable stories of the “Business”!


Jess, Vincent, Renee, Debbie and Roy

018 019




As all last shows, it sped past, and Fairy & Villain, Comics and Dames, Singers and Dancers &  Principal Boys and Girls strutted their stuff, and on the stroke of midnight – well 11.30pm to be accurate- we’d finished! By half past twelve, and a glass of champagne (Thanks Zara!) the party was over, and the frocks packed!

012 016



There’s a lot of information on shows at Brick Lane throughout the year, and more photographs from backstage at the panto on the BLMH Website- thanks Joanne Hayes for the fascinating information that you can get a knitted version of Rusty Goffe! See the backstage news area on BLMH site for more on this!

Hoping you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the world of grown up panto- I’m delighted we hit the 400 views a day mark recently, as it’s nice to know I’ve not been typing this to myself!

Thanks for reading and joining in. Your comments always welcomed!

So- as the pumpkin hour passes, and Ivy’s frocks leave in the tardis-like Mini Cooper for storage, Thank you one and all at Brick Lane Music Hall- it’s been, as always, a joy!


From all of us at Brick Lane Music Hall- Goodbye!

Nigel Ellacott




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