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Big In Panto!

December 1, 2016


The Big in Panto isn’t Chris- But Chris Biggins will be making a guest appearance on National Panto Day-Friday December 16th at The V&A Theatre Museum. Its a special day to celebrate all things panto with talks and displays from 3pm until 5.30pm. Curators, Guests and experts will be discussing Panto . Tickets around £25 Concessions £20 at the Learning Centre, Victoria & Albert Museum!

The other “Big” in Panto involved bumping into my mate Gary Wilmot and Jessica Martin at the rehearsal studios. “Big” the musical will be rehearsing here this week, and will be in Dublin shortly. Gary & I did a couple of memorable pantomimes at Birmingham and Woking, and I had the great joy of helping him create his very first Dame Make-Up a couple of years ago. He and Jessica of course were the stars of “Me & My Girl” as well as countless shows and pantomimes.


It was a panto village here today. Chatting to The Chuckles, Talking to Tony Maudsley– My fellow Dame Trott upstairs- appearing in Nottingham this season, and saying hello to our latest company members- Nic Farman, our Lighting Designer and to Sam Poulton our Sound Operator for the run.


Nic Farman and Director Stewart Nichols.

The Ensemble continued working through routines. Here’s the Gentlemen of the Ensemble- Kevin & Joe!


We worked through the scenes with Stewart today, and ran through the “If I were Not In Pantomime” routine (I have the aching thighs to prove it!) for an hour, and generally tidied up a lot of the blocking.

013 014

There’s always time for a Krispy Kreme however…


Sarah and Beth take a bite…

If I were not in Pantomime…..

Another day in Pantoland ended today. I waved Beryl & Lesley off as they headed back to Nottingham Wardrobe, had a brief chat with Sherrie Hewson who is rehearsing in Manchester,for the Opera House “Aladdin”,  and met up with Andrew Ryan who is rehearsing The Birmingham Hippodrome “Dick Whittington” in South London for the next two weeks, sharing rehearsal space with The Qdos London Palladium company!

Tomorrow we might even try a bit of song and dance!

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  1. Terry Powell permalink

    The set lads…it’s behind you!

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