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Paws For Applause!

December 4, 2016


Off To Northampton!

Saturday 3rd December 2016

So here we all are- final rehearsal in the Dance Attic Studios in Fulham, and now setting off for Northampton and the Derngate!

Ashleigh & Pudsey!

Ashleigh’s furry friend Pudsey, along with Ashleigh’s Mum, Penny arrived for the run-through today. A total pro and veteran of five pantomimes he watched proceedings from his basket, rolled over and had a snooze while thunder crashes, yelling Giants and shouting thespians ran around him. On cue he left his star dressing basket, did his turn and returned to giving us all the watchful eye.

He does, believe me, stop the show!

We rehearsed all scenes that involved The Ensemble this morning, and added the musical numbers with Gary watching , then had lunch followed by the first full non stop run through of “Jack & The Beanstalk” 2016.

A quick bit of “Copa” from Dame Trott!

The run through was good for us- it gives you the “What Comes Next” spur we need. Having rehearsed it often out of sequence, this is our first attempt at doing in in order. It helps to get a rough timing too. Timing is good! We are not over long, and at this rate will escape cuts!


It could only be a panto scene!

A note session with Director Stewart afterwards, then setting the Finale/Walkdown afterwards, and then a scramble to get to the underground ready to get home, and pack! Our next call- Monday Morning 10am at The Theatre.

The Royal & Derngate are joined- they combined in 2006. The Theatre Royal began life as the creation of C.J Phipps in 1884, and the Derngate was built in 1983.

Pantomime has not always been restricted to these two theatres- Back in the day the glamorous Theatre Royal Northampton presented pantomime- and presented “Jack & The Beanstalk” back in 1936. So here are those who came before us in the days before World War Two- Ladies & Gentlemen, meet the cast of ’36.


newnorthampton2The ticket prices may have gone up a little for our production Eighty Years Later!



The “Boy” of course was always a “Girl” back then, and I possibly have a few more changes than Basil Cooper had as “Dame!”


The “New Theatre” in Abingdon Street Northampton opened in 1912 – designed by W.G.R.Sprague, and was demolished in 1960.It presented Films from the ‘thirties as well as panto, variety and naughty-but-nice shows. The final show at The New was “Strip, Strip, Hoorah!” in 1958.

In the 1950’s “Cinderella” was a popular choice at The New. This version starred George Moon.


Now Pudsey isn’t the only canine to take Northampton by storm by the looks of this programme from 1950. The stage was full of furry fluffy dogs when “Miss Malta’s Dog Revue” appeared in the second half!

See you in Northampton!




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