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Long Day’s Journey into Panto!

December 8, 2016


Wednesday 7th December 2016

In a village far away the locals toiled from 9am to 10pm to bring the magic of pantomime to life- and that village is The Derngate! Along with hundreds of other theatres this week is the week when Beanstalks grow, Caves open, Ships sail to foreign shores (What’s Yours?) and all things magical start to happen. we are no exception.

Yesterday we left the rehearsal room and moved onto the stage. We didnt rehearse, we sound checked as the stage was not ready for us , there were Giants to be sited and Beanstalks to be sorted.

I got my quick change room sorted- Stage Left by Beth’s Prompt Corner, and met Carys who will be dressing throughout the fourteen changes daily. Fourteen? What WAS I thinking??

The pictures show the Quick change BEFORE it was sorted!

Today- Wednesday we began the longest day- The Technical Dress, all costume no make-up. We began at 9am and made it way into Act Two by ten o’clock this evening. Pudsey and Sullivan took to the stage like the seasoned pro’s they are, and did all their amazing routines. Everything stops! Crew, cast, and all the juveniles just mesmerised. It is so hyper cute!

114 122

I got through ten or eleven full changes today, and the Strip routine went fine- tried to do it in one go as it takes a long time to reset- but I would like to run it again just to tighten it up. Simon (Webbe) fought the giant, Ashleigh was kidnapped by John, but saved by Jalisa, Ricky (Simon) ran his routines and and all ended at the stroke of 10pm.


Quick drink. Back in at 9am tomorrow to continue the tech rehearsal then run the show!

Thanks to Craig for taking the pictures for this blog  while we were rehearsing.


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