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Another Openin’ !

December 10, 2016


Friday 9th December 2016

It is always a great relief when a show opens- and we’ve done it! A matinee to about nine hundred schoolchildren, always great fun, followed by the comic’s dream, a full house of mixed grown ups and kids with all the gags working beautifully, the songs, dance routines and effects- Hoorah for us, we have a cracker of a show!


First Timers

Our company, crew included have a few Panto Virgins among them- first time Panto people. These include a very cute and excited young performer. Meet Sullivan, or Sully as he is known!


This was Sullivans debut performance. His first time on a stage, and Ashleigh was over the moon at how well he performed alongside the veteran of five pantos- Pudsey. Sullivan joins Pudsey for one brilliant routine and loves every second. Here he is in my dressing room making a visit in the interval!

The show went really well, and yes, we are running around panting it is so fast paced with, for me, fourteen changes, but the reaction was great. Very happy cast and crew all around. Now, back to those virgins- here are the rest of the First Timer gang- If I recall correctly it includes Niamh and Maria and Sam and Alex on crew, along with Sarah ASM, Natasha Wardrobe and Ricky on Sound! Here they are enjoying their first panto experience.

Ricky & Sarah


Panto First Timers!

As you do, soon as the curtain fell we had party time- a drinks “do” laid on by the theatre, and then we moved into the theatre’s bar fo rthe evening.s bar for the evening. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

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