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Up n Runing!

December 12, 2016

Sunday December 11th 2016


The Spirit of the Beans awaits her cue!

Having opened, we were straight into Two shows on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 5pm. Anyone in Pantoland will tell you that we really do “drop off the planet” and normal life comes to a complete standstill from now on!

Stewart our Director left us having put on this cracker of a show, and we had a few visitors from Qdos over the weekend- Mark and Adrian, from Marketing- we will be seeing many familiar faces over the next three weeks from the company, as they “do the rounds” of all their pantomimes.

I did very well for visitors on Saturday, and probably have the Guiness book of records for cramming over ten people into my dressing room after the show! I was delighted to meet my NODA (National Operatic & Dramatic Association) chums from The Pantomime Summer School I did at Warwick last year. So lovely to see them all, and to be able to catch up on things. We had a quick tour of the backstage area before they headed off after The Matinee.


A NODA meet with Katie & Paul, Andrea, Alison & Ken, Stuart and Rob and Samantha, along with Anthony and family!

The weekend shows went really well.There are a couple of small cold and throat worries about, but hopefully a whole day off will sort that out. Things are getting honed and tightened now, and it still is a very fast paced show- and I mean that physically. Its the most challenging physically I’ve done, and Ive yet to have a minute of sitting or breathing so far. Too busy changing in the Quick change with Carys for that luxury!

Had a great chat in the bar with James and Peter from our band.Peter has many panto stories- as I have, going way back over the years!  Peter was with Ashleigh last year at Darlington in panto, directed by Andrew Ryan. Andrew came along on Sunday to see the show before heading back to his rehearsals for Dame at The Hippodrome Birmingham. It was a flying visit, and here we are outside the theatre by the Coca Cola Truck!

For a link to panto past- – I’ve found a link- to my Weakest Link from 2005. There are about four parts – join Britt Ekland, Peter Duncan, Joe Pasquale, Lucy Benjamin and Ruth Madoc in some panto “Weakest Link” fun with The Queen Of Mean! I was robbed Pasquale. You know I was!!

Sunday second show Simon (Webbe) as aversed to Simple Simon, did something quite special in our finale curtain call. He did our Mannequin Challenge with the cast and the ENTIRE audience all frozen as he roamed the auditorium. I’ve no idea where these things can be viewed, but I’m sure someone will tell me tomorrow and I can add a link!

Talking of technology experts- John our villainous Fleshcreep has saved Its-Behind-You’s bacon! On Sunday morning my elderly laptop died. It refused to start up. That meant the blog was in danger! I took it to him for advice on repair, and thought I would be saying farewell. This TALENTED and LOVELY performer (hope that does the trick!) said simply-“Have you given it a blow through?”. I was speechless. As you are. We borrowed a cannister of air from Ricky on sound, John gave it a villainous blast in its connector, and YES- we have a blog again! Thank you John!


The Hero of John Mclarnon

The picture above, by the way is in the Green Room. A great murial on the wall!

Tomorrow- Monday is Sarah our ASM’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah- and timed to be on a day off! Well planned!

I’m starting to get messages from mates in Pantoland as they, like us, slowly emerge from the pressure of a two week rehearsal schedule and an opening. Had a lovely message from Venue Cymru and from my mate John Evans, who celebrates his TENTH panto at the Venue! Here he is with Dave at The Can Y Bae, my second home from home!


We are awaiting production pictures (taken by my mate Graem Braidbrook) of this “Jack & The Beanstalk” and hope to bring them to you in a day or so. Meanwhile- in Argyll Street London a fabulous Pantomime has been born. After thirty years the London Palladium is presenting a panto- as if you hadn’t heard! This Qdos show is selling like hot cakes. I am delighted I have my tickets for January. It is the most exciting Panto event for me, as I saw the very last panto there- these shows set the benchmark. This Qdos  Michael Harrison show will do the same- Here are a couple of sneak pictures. I will add more to the Diary Section. Remember , every Palladium Panto is featured in our articles section!



More pictures in our Green Room Section.


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