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Monday in Brum!

December 20, 2016


A day off, spent in an alternate Pantoland- Birmingham!

I went to see “Dick Whittington’s” Opening show with Andrew Ryan- and a very spectacular show it is too!

The Panto  has John Barrowman, The Krankies, Steve McFadden, Jody Prenger and Matt Slack along with an amazing cast and ensemble, and some incredible special effects- courtesy of THE TWINS FX.

Loved the show and got a chance to meet up with some Panto mates during and after. Lovely to see Paul Bouchier, currently with “Billy Elliott”, and Martin Hinkins, currently on tour with “Dirty Dancing”. We met up and saw the panto together, alongside Nick & Sandra Thomas- Nick is of course the head of Qdos and Michael & Kathryn Harrison- Michael has just directed The London Palladium Panto, The Newcastle Panto, and now THIS Panto! That is some amazing Pantomime record I believe? Kathryn has just finished directing  Southend Panto with Brian Conley & Gok Wan.


Huge fun we had watching Giant Rats, Vast Sharks and Gravity defying Sleighs hurtling across the auditorium, along with a very funny and scary 3D sequence narrated by Andrew as Dame Sarah The Cook!

Lovely to run into Panto (and Crackerjack ) Legend Don Maclean and his wife Toni, as well as Mark Sherwood, Gary & Yvonne Hind (some smashing new songs by Gary both here and at the Palladium) and the Birmingham Cast, including Matt Slack.

028 032

Sharon & Alan Harding with Andrew Ryan.  Toni and Don Maclean

Gary & Yvonne Hind. Nigel and The Krankies.

The Krankies always make me wheeze laughing both on and off stage, and I had a great time chatting to Ian Tough afterwards- who of course along with Janette make up the other Crackerjack legends- The Krankies!

Sandra & Nick Thomas with Matt Slack      Paul of The Twins FX and Posh

I always love roaming the displays in the stalls corridors of the Hippodrome, in search of old programmes and posters. Sometime I come across a little bit of personal memorabilia from the days of those Ugly Sisters, and of me and Peter Robbins. Happy Happy times those at the Hippo!

Some of the posters at the Hippodrome- the photo has The wonderful Brian Godfrey as Ugly Sister. Very much missed by us all in Pantoland.

Also hugely missed is Peter Robbins. Here are a few of the Hippodrome items about us there in “Cinderella” over the years.



A very lovely evening at The Hippodrome as always. Thank you Qdos! Great to meet up with my pals Martin Hinkins and Paul Bouchier as well!


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